Vive Le Color! Mandala

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Vive le Color Mandala kaft

From Abrams & Chronicle Books we received a review copy of Vive Le Color Mandala coloring book for which we kindly thank them.

Information that can be found on the internet:
Whether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged while commuting or watching TV, this adult colouring book offers 72 pages of beautiful and meditative mandalas (meer…)

Tangled Treasures

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From Quartoknows we received a review copy of Tangled Treasures for which we thank them kindly.

On the internet this can be found about this book: Coloring is a peaceful and pleasant right-brain activity that can provide a soothing and enjoyable pastime for people of any age. Unlike painting, you don’t need to have the skills of an artist to create a masterpiece. All you need is to pick the colors and draw within the lines. The results can be miraculous!

Disconnect temporarily from the everyday hustle and bustle and escape to a world filled with creativity, inspiration, and serenity. Coloring helps reduce stress levels, elevates focus, and promotes a soothing, relaxing frame of mind and sense of wellbeing.

The 52 designs in the Tangled Treasures Coloring Book are all original tangle artwork by certified Zentangle teacher Jane Monk. Monk begins the book by leading you through some basic techniques for using colored pencils or fine-point markers to color the designs, including skills like shading and blending. Each of the designs is printed on a page with a blank back, so you can remove the art from the book and frame it, if you like. Jump right in to the relaxing spell woven by Zentangles! (meer…)

Journey in color: Moroccan Motifs

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Moroccan Motifs kaft

From Chronicle Books we received a review copy of Moroccan Motifs for which we kindly thank them.

Information on the internet about this book: This colouring book for adults features bold geometric designs inspired by Moroccan markets, textiles, and more. The images are printed in black ink and also a knockout neon turquoise ink throughout, for a creative escape as stunning as it is satisfying.40 images printed on single-sided pages (140 gsm)

Enchanted Forest Artist’s Edition

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We reveived a review copy of “Enchanted Forest Artist’s Edition” from Laurence King Publishing for which we thank them.

The following information can be found on the internet From the publisher that brought you the hugely successful Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by illustrator Johanna Basford – this special artist’s edition features 20 beautiful, pull-out art prints for colouring in. Colouring fans of all ages will enjoy immersing themselves in a selection of the most popular artworks from the original book, now presented in a new, large-scale format for maximum colouring enjoyment.Each detailed illustration is printed on high-quality card and can be removed easily for framing or craft projects. (meer…)

Cretacolor Passion box

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From the Brevillier company we received this beautiful Cretacolor Passion Box. We kindly thank Brevillier for this.

On the Internet the following information about this box can be found: The Passion Wood Set by Cretacolor comes in a beautiful metallic wood box and includes 25 pieces of drawing materials. Perfect for the student and professional alike this set is designed to inspire each artist to creatively approach their artwork. Included in the set are artist quality pencils, leads, pastel pencils and drawing accessories: blending stick, rubber eraser and sharpener. Makes the perfect gift for aspiring artists. Made in Austria. Contents: charcoal pencils-soft and medium, nero pencil-soft, black chalk pencil-medium, sepia-light and dark pencils, sanguine-oil and dry pencils, white chalk pencil-medium, various artist chalks, paper stump, kneadable eraser, artist sharpener, black chalk and white chalk lead, and compressed charcoal stick.   (meer…)

Color Me Stressfree

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From QuartoKnows Publishers we received the beautiful “Color me Stressfree”. We thank Quartoknows kindly for this review copy.

On the internet the following information can be found: The perfect book for stressed-out adults who want to reconnect, simply and easily, with their inner creativity. Work, kids, relationships, meetings, traffic, bills…we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. And sometimes you just need a way to relieve the tension and avoid burnout, illness, or worse. A simple and inexpensive way to relieve stress is by coloring images, which can be soothing. Some even consider it an alternative to stressors, ultimately aiding in reversing the effects of anxiety. Refocusing your attention on something completely different to engage in a mental, physical, and emotional shift can help break the pattern of consistent stress and allow one to rejuvenate. Part of the international bestselling Color Me series, Color Me Stress-Free is a guided coloring book designed for harried adults. Art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer up 100 coloring templates, all designed to help you unplug and unwind at the end of each day. Organized into seven therapeutically themed chapters, readers can explore the benefits of putting pencil (or crayon!) to paper and channel their day-to-day stresses into a satisfying, creative environment. Color Me Stress-Free is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax! Don’t forget to try Color Me Happy and Color Me Calm! (meer…)

Color-by-Number Animals


From Quartoknows publishers we received a review copy of “Color-by-number Animals”. We like to thank Quartoknows for this copy.


Information on the internet: Challenge your coloring skills with Color-by-Number Animals, an exciting new way to color by number.
Taking the traditional coloring book to the next level, these geometric color-by-number templates allow beginning artists to relax and unwind as they color, while encouraging more advanced color-by-number enthusiasts to complete the templates in a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, markers, and crayons. After a short introduction detailing a basic color-by-number guide with tips and examples of each medium, more than 30 unique, color-by-number templates are included for artists to color and create their own masterpieces. As the designs become more complex, fewer numbers are included for an additional challenge, encouraging artists to choose their own colors and patterns to complete the design. A full-color reference gallery is also included so that artists can compare their completed images to the original renderings or take a sneak peak at the finished artwork for guidance. With more than 30 color-by-number templates to color, beginning and intermediate artists of all ages will be mesmerized by this unique spin on the traditional color-by-number activity book. (meer…)

Tangled Gardens

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From Quartoknows publishers we received a review copy of “Tangled Gardens coloring book”. We kindly thank Quartoknows for this copy.

Information on the internet: Color your way to relaxation and make beautiful art, too! That’s what you get with the Tangled Gardens Coloring Book. Filled with 52 tangle artwork originals from artist Jane Monk, the book offers images inspired by an imaginary stroll through an elaborate garden. Coloring in the pages reveals flowers, bugs, and hidden creatures. Inside a calm pond you’ll color in glimmering fish, floating lilies, and darting dragonflies. There’s even a tangled map to guide you through the color garden.Tangled Gardens Coloring Book begins with a basic color theory lesson and offers some techniques for using various types of colored pencils, pens, or markers to color in the designs. Monk teaches skills such as shading and blending, highlighting, and developing textures and backgrounds. Each of the 52 designs is printed on a page with a blank back, so you can remove the art from the book for framing when you’re through.Unlike painting, you don’t need to have the skills or training of an artist to create masterpieces. Thanks to the design of the Tangled Gardens Coloring Book, all you need to do is pick the colors you prefer and color within the lines. You’ll temporarily disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle, escaping to a world filled with creativity, inspiration, and serenity. The act of coloring is actually a calming activity that soothes and relaxes the brain, helping to reduce stress levels, elevate focus, and promote an overall sense of well-being. So, sharpen those colored pencils and prepare to relax. (meer…)

Circolour: Mandalas & Patterns

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I was contacted by Stuart Royce who asked if I was interested in his beautiful book “Absent-Minded Art volume 2: Circolour mandalas and patterns”. As a mandala lover of course I could not say no to that. Just looking at the cover alone already got me slightly excited for this is the kind of book that so far I had not seen at our Facebook page. I want to thank Stuart so much for the copy that I received from him!

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Information you can find on the internet: This is the stunning second instalment in the Absent-Minded Art series of colouring books.. Suitable for all ages and with 101 original, full-page, single-sided mandalas and patterns to enjoy, there is a wealth of choice at your fingertips.

  • Single Sided.
  • 101 original full page designs.
  • portable 8.5”x8.5” dimension.
  • Spare pages that can be used to help protect other images from ink bleed.
  • A fun flickbook on the blank pages.
  • Glossy cover.

Brimming with beautiful and intricate designs that will engage and draw you into your own world of peace and mindfulness, all that’s missing in order to really bring it to life, is you and your favourite colouring materials. And remember, you don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this, you just need to love colouring. (meer…)

Free Spirit coloring book

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From Fox Chapel Publishing we received Free Spirit coloring book for writing a review on for which we thank them very much.

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Information you can find on the internet: Enter a world of creative self-expression with this relaxing coloring book for grownups. Inside you’ll find 30 amazing art activities that will take you on a limitless journey of patterning, shading, and coloring. These whimsical images offer a easy way to de-stress and unleash your inner artist. Thaneeya McArdleâ’s transcendental art explores a visual language of shape, form, line, and color. Each vibrantly detailed illustration is designed to exercise your creativity. Beautifully colored finished examples are provided, along with a handy guide to basic art techniques, from patterning and combinations to shading and color theory. This therapeutic coloring book is perfect for decorating with markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or watercolors. Printed on high-quality, extra-thick paper that won’t bleed through, all of the pages are pre-perforated for easy removal and display. (meer…)