Beautiful Birds and Treetop Treasures

Dit is de Engelse review, wil je de Nederlandse review lezen, klik dan hier.

From Pavilion Books we received “Millie Marotta’s Beautiful Birds and Treetop Treasures” for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Pavilion Books very much for this.

Information on the internet: The fifth coloring book by The New York Times bestselling author Millie Marotta!
More than 10 million books sold worldwide!
To entice colorists, the wildly popular author of Animal Kingdom and Tropical World has created an enchanting collection of images of our fine feathered friends and other extraordinary animals who dwell in the treetops. Millie Marotta’s engaging, intricately designed illustrations feature beautiful hummingbirds, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, lyrebirds, cardinals, marvelous spatuletails, pygmy owls, and laughing kookaburras. Fans will rush to grab their crayons, colored pencils, pens, and brushes. (meer…)