Carnet de Coloriage Villes

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Carnet de Coloriage villes kaft

From Clairefontaine publishers we received a review copy of Carnet de Coloriage Villes, for which we thank them kindly.

Information you can find on the internet: This coloring book is meant for adults. In this book of 24 pages (size 21 x 29,7 cm) you will find detailed drawings with timeless motifs. You can chose to color them in with felt tip pens or with colored pencils.
You can also pick aquarelle pencils for coloring. When you do, please do not use much water to prevent the paper from bubbling.
Warning: alcohol based markers are not recommended because they bleed through the page.
The collection of coloring books for adults by Clairefontaine offers beautiful coloring books which invite you to relax. At the same time they are amusing, relaxing and accessible to everyone! You will enjoy beautiful moments with them, away from hectic daily life.
A tip from the editors: do not hesitate to frame your own pictures and hang them on the wall so they create a nice decoration in your interior!
Coloring for adults by Clairefontaine

  • Illustrator : Shuai Chen
  • Subjects : cities
  • Number of pages : 24 (48 designs)
  • Size : 21 x 29,7 cm
  • Paper : 120 gr (perfect for colored pencils or felt tip pens)

On the cover nor on the inside of the book it says “villes”. Carnet de Coloriage means simply “coloring book” and there are more books in this series, so this can cause some confusion. On the internet I noticed that online booksellers added “villes” (towns or cities) to the title.

This is a simply designed, A4 sized coloring book with 24 different pictures who are each printed twice. Why this is I really cannot imagine. I would have preferred 48 different pictures in the book.

The pictures are drawn in a loose sketchy style that reminds me of how aritsts of the sixties used to draw. I love this style. Let me show you two examples from this book:

The paper of this book is thick and feels somewhat grainy. The drawings are printed on the full page but with some pushing the book can be laid open flat so the binding does not hinder the coloring.

Of the two pictures that I colored in the book I did the first one with Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils. This went smoothly; the somewhat grainy paper shows more white of the paper after coloring than is usual in many coloring books, but in this book that only helps to achieve a stony look of the buildings. I still used a blender pencil afterwards because I found there was a bit too much white visible. This went very well, the robust paper tolerated this well and so I ended up with a nice result. I also used white spirit and a paper stump to blend the big part of the road in the front. This went fine also.

For the sky I used Koh-I-Noor pastel pencils and rubbed the pigment out with a paper stump. Once again this went excellent. The pastel attached itself well to the paper.

Carnet de Coloriage villes potlood

Next I colored a picture with Tombow Dual Brush felt tip pens. They performed also very good, the papers is suitable for these felt tips. There is no bleeding through the lines nor through the page which is a good thing because this book is not printed one sided. Keep this in mind if you like to use alcohol based markers.

Here I also used the same pastel pencils for coloring the air and the road in the front. Such large parts cannot be colored in without getting a stripy whole.

Carnet de Coloriage villes stift

I can only conclude that this is a simply designed but nevertheless very nice coloring book with beautiful drawings and excellent paper to color in with colored pencils, felt tip pens or pastel. There is only one thing that I would like to advise this publisher which is to give their coloring books individual titles.

Data of the book:
Title: Carnet de Coloriage Villes
Illustrator: Shuai Chen
Publisher: Clarefontaine
Product dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm
Price: € 6,95

This book is amongst others available on La Couronne du Comté.

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