Edding 1200 Metallic colourpens

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From Edding we received a box containing 6 metallic pens, for which we thank Edding very much.

Information you can find on the internet: Give your drawings and writings a metallic effect with our metallic colourpen. This marker is ideal to write on dark coloured paper or paperboard, as well as glossy coated paper. Whether you want to write your own good luck message on a dark coloured card, put a caption in a photo-album or add a loving personal touch to a calendar – it is all so easy with this product. You can also write and mark passages with this metallic colourpen. It is the ideal tool for creating easily readable name tags or other letterings with a classy touch.

The 1-3 mm wide, soft round nib of this fibrepen is available in 6 different colours. These colours are dissolved in a water-based ink and then passed through a filter system into the nib of the pen before being applied to the surface. Once applied, the colours are vibrant and cover well. The quick drying colour is characterised by its high lightfastness.

Product characteristics:

  • Stroke width: 0.5 – 1 mm

  • Nib: bullet nib
Available in 24 different colours

  • Ready to use immediately

  • Ink: water-based ink 

  • Replacement nibs: no

When you open the lid you will find six beautiful colours in there : gold, silver, green, blue, purple and red. The round pens are light in weight and lay well in hand. The caps correspond well to the colours that actually come on to the paper, and they close well too. The pens are numbered, probably as an adition to the numbers in the regular 1200 series, which have the same thickness.

Edding Metallic doosje open

Metallic pens are suited very well for using on dark surfaces. Therefore I tested them in terms of colour and how the colours look on paper on a black surface first. What comes to notice is that they colour almost stripeless. There is no colour difference noticable when colouring the white or the black part of the flower on the image below. The colour of the metallic pen doesn’t get better on a black subsurface. The fact that they actually colour so well on a black subsurface is what makes them so special.

Edding Metallic extra

Next I coloured a design using all six colours. The pens colour really nicely : they leave a nice, compact line of pigment on the paper and dry quickly, which limits any bludging to a minimum. They lay well in hand too. What comes to notice is that the points where you start and where you end and take the pen off, are hardly visible on the paper. This is the case with most pens and can be very disturbing. With these pens this isn’t the case.

Edding Metallic stift

Next I wanted to colour a design on which these pens are used along side the other pens from the Edding 1200 series. That’s why I bought a set of 1200s for colouring the mandala below. The colours of the metallic pens connect well with the colours of the other Edding 1200 pens and give an extra effect to the design.

Edding Metallic stift extra

The metallic shine isn’t visible that much. This isn’t the pens’ fault however, this is the case with most metallics. Your expectations shouldn’t be that high. But an extra shine is there for sure, especially when you move the paper a little.
Another thing is that these pens aren’t meant for colouring an entire colouring book, but merely for drawing and writing texts on dark surfaces. Nevertheless they are very suited for using in colouring books of course, and as an addition to regular sets of pens. They will also connect well with pens of other brands. All in all very nice set of pens that Edding has put on the market. Nicely rapped in a metal box with six very usable colours. Especially the golden and silver colours will add something extra when colouring designs in colouring books.

These pens are available at Bol.com a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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