Vive Le Color! Mandala

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Vive le Color Mandala kaft

From Abrams & Chronicle Books we received a review copy of Vive Le Color Mandala coloring book for which we kindly thank them.

Information that can be found on the internet:
Whether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged while commuting or watching TV, this adult colouring book offers 72 pages of beautiful and meditative mandalas

This is a book of a small size of 17×17 cm with 72 mandalas that you can tear out and color in. The handy size is very suitable for taking it with you, especially now that the holidays are nearing. The mandalas are printed in soft grey tones on nice white and thick paper. This is also a good book for coloring in together, the mandalas are easily torn out and divided. It must be said however that due to the small size they are rather small which makes the coloring precision work and you’ll need a sharp vision.

I colored in two mandalas, of which I did the first one with Derwent Artists colored pencils. I chose these because they are somewhat harder and can therefore sharpened to a fine point which does not break easily. This is more convenient when it comes to coloring in between the fine lines of the mandala.]

This paper is indeed as good as it feels, with colored pencils anyway. The pigment is applied effortlessly and obtaining a nice and smooth result is easy. It is detailed work however, you must be into that. Blending goes well. Finding a somewhat more intricate and therefore challenging mandala proved a bit hard which I found a pity. Most mandalas are rather simple.

Vive le Color Mandala potlood

The second picture I colored in with Stabilo 88 fineliner felt tips. These pictures are printed too small to color in with regular sized felt tip pens. Many pictures are so intricate and small printed that it even cannot be done properly with the 0.4 mm point of the Stabilo 88. For these you will need an even smaller tip. And you will need a steady hand.

The paper carries the ink of the felt tip pens well and did not get damaged at any point, even after applying several layers. And there was absolutely no bleeding through the page whatsoever.

Vive le Color Mandala stift

Concluding I must say that this a definitely a nice book to take with you on holiday or on the road. Very suitable for colored pencils. As for felt tip pens, you can work only with the finest ones. If you have a pair of good eyes and a steady hand then this is a nice book to work in with colored pencils or fineliners.

Data of the book:
Title: Vive le color Mandala
Publisher: Abrams Notorie
Pages: 144
Product dimension: 18 x 168 x 168 mm
ISBN: 9781419722554
Price: € 10,50 (Bol)/ € 8,05 (Bookdepository)

This book is amongst others available at Bol & Bookdepository.

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