Edding 1200 colour pens

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From Edding we received a box containing 20 felt-tips of the 1200 type, for which we want to thank Edding very much.

Information you can find on the internet:You can write, draw or sketch on coloured light paper with many sorts of pens, but none make it as pleasant and simple as colourpen. ts fine bullet nib glides effortlessly over the surface when writing postcards or personal messages in greetings cards. Spontaneous sketches and drawings that need a steady stroke width are a piece of cake with this classic pen – plus it is available in many colours. Are you looking for a similar sort of pen but with a slightly thicker nib or an even larger selection of colours? Then the edding 1300 colourpen is the right choice for you! It comes in edding’s largest selection of colours: 40 in total. Want metallic colours? That’s what the edding 1200 metallic colourpen has to offer.

The edding 1200 colourpen has a 0.5 to 1 mm thick bullet nib and can be used immediately as soon as you take off the cap. It is available in 24 different, vibrant colours. The pen’s ink is water-based and light-resistant, ensuring durable results on light coloured paper or card.

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The felt-tips or pens, whatever you want to call them, sit in a metal box. I find that a luxury. Most felt-tips sit in a plastic wrapping. Or you have to choose the more extended set, which sits in a metal box too. That aside…… the colours look splendid and match the colours of the caps. I always like that. They lie comfortably in your hand and I’m going to start colouring the designs now. The tips seem a little harsh and they scratch in my opinion. I’ll get back to this later.

The first design is from the enige echte mini mandala kleurboek. With the lighter colours you can see the start and the way of colouring. This doesn’t go away, unfortunately and it remains visible on the design. I don’t find it disturbing.

foto 3

The second design is from a mandala book from Denksport. This is a different kind of paper than the previous one. I think you can see this by the colours displaying a little duller. The colours on the other design are not like that at all. They appear much brighter there.

foto 4

The third design is from a book from Zeeman, which is of a totally different quality than the previous two. First of all it presses through a lot and you can feel the colours on the paper. It’s a little hard to explain, but when you rub the paper you can feel it’s saturated with ink. You also notice that the grey one has a lot of trouble with the surface. I don’t get it to be stripeless. But let me say that this isn’t the felt-tips fault. Here you can see clearly it’s because of the paper.

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Conclusion : It’s a very nice set with beautiful colours. The “harsh” tips soften after a while and colour very well then. I did learn that the quality of the paper is very important when it comes to the result of the pens. Testing is difficult when you buy them of course. When you want to know whether the pens are suited for your colouring book or not. I doubt if these pens are suited for colouring larger areas though. They’re called Colorpens for a reason. I noticed I like the brushpens better, which doesn’t mean these aren’t a nice addition to my own collection of pens.

These Edding 1200 colour pens are available at Bol.com a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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