Color Me Stressfree

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From QuartoKnows Publishers we received the beautiful “Color me Stressfree”. We thank Quartoknows kindly for this review copy.

On the internet the following information can be found: The perfect book for stressed-out adults who want to reconnect, simply and easily, with their inner creativity. Work, kids, relationships, meetings, traffic, bills…we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. And sometimes you just need a way to relieve the tension and avoid burnout, illness, or worse. A simple and inexpensive way to relieve stress is by coloring images, which can be soothing. Some even consider it an alternative to stressors, ultimately aiding in reversing the effects of anxiety. Refocusing your attention on something completely different to engage in a mental, physical, and emotional shift can help break the pattern of consistent stress and allow one to rejuvenate. Part of the international bestselling Color Me series, Color Me Stress-Free is a guided coloring book designed for harried adults. Art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer up 100 coloring templates, all designed to help you unplug and unwind at the end of each day. Organized into seven therapeutically themed chapters, readers can explore the benefits of putting pencil (or crayon!) to paper and channel their day-to-day stresses into a satisfying, creative environment. Color Me Stress-Free is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax! Don’t forget to try Color Me Happy and Color Me Calm!

This is a book which makes me really very enthusiastic. A nice thick cover and filled with one hundred coloring pictures printed on, by the feel of it, good paper. But we will leave the testing of that for later. The pages are printed one sided which is a plus to me. But first a few examples.

In the introduction to this book you will find some explanation and tips about coloring and destressing. The book is divided into seven chapters, each with its own theme.
1 Desperation
2 Relationships
3 Finance
4 Work
5 Health
6 Time
7 Travel and communication

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The first picture I chose from chapter 6 (Time). I colored this one in with Staedtler Karat Aquarelle pencils. Like I already mentioned this book is printed on fine quality paper which works good with aquarelle pencils and a water brush. No bubbling, it stays smooth and dries well. The water brush spreads the pigment nice and evenly.

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In chapter 4 (Work) I liked this picture for coloring. I did this one with Tombow ABT brush pens. These felt tip pens are a bit more wet but that proves to be no problem for the paper. The ink does not bleed through the lines and dries excellent.

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The book contains a few examples which are colored in already. The nice thing about this is to try and copy their color nuances. I think I did rather well. I chose to do this with Koi Sakura brush pens. A nice task, also when you are out of coloring ideas of your own.

At the end I could not leave it at that and made another one with Staedtler Ergosoft colored pencils. These did well on the paper and the pigment attaches well. You can mix colors well by layering. This way you get beautiful color transitions. This is a picture from chapter 1.

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Conclusion: I could color for hours in this book. The pictures are various and the paper is excellent and suitable for almost every coloring material. A sturdy book with a good explanation and several tips and themes. You can tell that the makers of this book thought about how to relax us colorists in these busy times. This book is a real addition to your collection.

Data from the book:
Title: Color Me Stress-free
Illustrator: Angela Porter
Author: Lacy Mucklow
Publisher: Race Point Publishing/ Quartoknows
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 17 x 216 x 241 mm
ISBN: 9781631061608
Price: € 17,99 ( and € 11,39 (Bookdepository)

This book is amongst others available at Bol and Bookdepository.

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