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From Fox Chapel Publishing we received this colouring book to write a review on, and we thank them very much for this.

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Information on the internet: New from breakthrough coloring artist Angel Van Dam, Hello Angel Majestic Animals Coloring Collection is filled with intricate and intriguing illustrations for you to color and enjoy. Escape to a world of amazing animals, cuddly creatures, and whimsical wildlife, all waiting to be filled with every color of the rainbow. From tigers and toucans to elephants and iguanas, these 32 beautiful beasts are perfect for decorating with markers, gel pens, paints, crayons, or colored pencils. Angel provides helpful tips and advice on her coloring techniques, along with an inspirational gallery of full-color examples. Printed on high quality, extra thick paper, each page is perforated for easy removal and display.

As the book’s cover suggests the book contains very nice animal designs. Animals of different countries are portrayed here. The designs are printed on one side of the paper only and can be removed from the book easily because of the perforations. On the first page the designer tells you extensively what you can expect in this book. There are tips and some pre-coloured examples to give you some ideas.

This book contains designs for beginners as well as for expert colourists. And you can work with almost every colouring material in it. Have a look at some examples from the book first.

The owl in this book looked very appealing to me so I chose this for testing. The colouring pencils I used are the Marco raffine fine art. I used these pencils with the vaseline technique. I wanted to try that anyway. The paper in this book is very suited for this. It’s nice and even and you don’t have to worry about any pressing through. The pencils attach very well and even with the vaseline there are no problems. It dries nicely and doesn’t bubble. The vaseline gives a nice blended effect on it’s own. Put a piece of paper under the hand you’re colouring with just to make sure. I will use this technique more often for sure. Was very nice doing that.

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I coloured the other design with Staedler triplus color felt-tips and I used Staedler triplus fineliner for the smaller details in this design. These two felt-tips pressed through to the backside a little, but that is no problem in this book. The ink flows nicely into the paper and it doesn’t go over the edges. The paper bubbles a little but by putting something heavy on it, that can be solved quickly and it becomes nice and flat. Personaly I found this paper very nice for using felt-tips on.

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My findings therefore are very positive. Despite the fact that the paper bubbles a little from the felt-tips, it’s very good and the designs are very diverse. An extra plus is the one-sided printing, which allows you to use markers and other materials on this paper. Again a very nice asset.

Data from the book:
Title: Majestic Animals Coloring Collection
Illustrator: Angela van Dam
Publisher: Fox chapel publishing
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 216 x 279 x 5 mm
ISBN: 9781497201446
Price: 9,49
Available from May 1, 2016.

This book is available at a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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