Color-by-Number Animals


From Quartoknows publishers we received a review copy of “Color-by-number Animals”. We like to thank Quartoknows for this copy.


Information on the internet: Challenge your coloring skills with Color-by-Number Animals, an exciting new way to color by number.
Taking the traditional coloring book to the next level, these geometric color-by-number templates allow beginning artists to relax and unwind as they color, while encouraging more advanced color-by-number enthusiasts to complete the templates in a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, markers, and crayons. After a short introduction detailing a basic color-by-number guide with tips and examples of each medium, more than 30 unique, color-by-number templates are included for artists to color and create their own masterpieces. As the designs become more complex, fewer numbers are included for an additional challenge, encouraging artists to choose their own colors and patterns to complete the design. A full-color reference gallery is also included so that artists can compare their completed images to the original renderings or take a sneak peak at the finished artwork for guidance. With more than 30 color-by-number templates to color, beginning and intermediate artists of all ages will be mesmerized by this unique spin on the traditional color-by-number activity book.

I like to color pictures with geometric lines. So when we received this book I was interested.
When you open this book it starts with a short explanation in which for example different coloring techniques are explained. I really like this addition to the book.


For instance, you can read here that the images in this book are grouped into three different categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Little by little the color images become more difficult. In the ones for beginners each box has its own number, in the ones for intermediates some of the numbers are already left out so you can fill them in according to your own judgment and in the expert ones there are no numbers at all.


Of course you can color in the pictures precisely according to the numbers, or you can choose to color them in according to your own judgment. Especially the ones for experts will invite you to use your own imagination when it comes to choosing colors. In this book there is also an example of a colored-in one of each picture so you have an example if you’d like to copy that. I will show you a few colored-in examples:

To give an idea of the different kinds of pictures that this book contains I picked a few examples of each grade which I will also show here.

The dog and the owl contain no numbers at all. So you could color those in according to the provided example, or chose your own colors.
The one thing I do regret is that the images that are printed sidelong are situated on the paper with their bottom side next to the inside of the book binding. In order to color these in well you have to place the image upside down or you must bend forward over the book. Each page does have a dotted line for cutting the image out of the book with a pair of scissors but due to the placement of that dotted line too close to the inside binding you cannot cut it out of the book.


First I colored in a picture for beginners. In this one all boxes contain a number. I colored these in with felt tip pens and did so with Tombow ABT Dual brush pens. These felt tips did very well on this paper and also did not bleed through onto the back of the paper. They did stripe however.


Next I colored in a picture with colored pencils. I chose to do so with Faber Castell Polychromos. These pencils ran smoothly over the paper. I did use a Derwent blender pencil to achieve a more even effect. I colored this one partly according to my own insight. This was a picture for intermediates. Some boxes contained numbers which I colored according to the accompanying scheme. For the rest I used my own imagination. I think I like this combination of coloring better than excact coloring by number. These images provide a basis for the colors but you can use your imagination for coloring in the rest. I really like the result.


Conclusion: This book contains images of animals built from geometric forms. I myself like this. The book is constructed upon three different degrees of difficulty: beginners, intermediates and experts. In the beginning I found this very confusing but when I got it I really liked the intermediate pictures because you can use your own imagination. The one thing I regret is that the pictures that are printed sideways are placed with their bottom next to the inside binding of the book which makes coloring in somewhat hard. There is a dotted line for cutting the pages out but using a pair of scissors on this line is hard. If you like geometrical forms and you’re looking for something different than standard coloring books or standard coloring by number books then you really should add this book to your collection.

Data of the book:
Title: Color-By-number Animals
Illustrator: Walter Foster
Publisher: Quartoknows
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 9 x 222 x 296 mm
ISBN: 9781633220997
Price: € 15,49

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