Squidoodle’s Book of Fancy Letters : an alphabetical colouring adventure

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Fancy Letters kaft

SquidDoodleArt sent us the recently published “Fancy Letters” for which we kindly thank them.

On the Internet the author, Steve Turner, writes about this book:
My style has always been considered “doodling” but where many consider this a mindless artform, to me it’s satisfying and aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly suited to colorers.
When I planned an alphabet book, the pencil outlines of each letter was only the start. I spent months researching the objects that would go into each letter – bonus point if you can name the animal in Q!! 🙂
One of the main reasons I produced this book, was because people wanted to colour initials for gifts – for instance a grandmother told me she wanted to color all her grand children’s initials. It seemed to me to be the perfect book for this.
I hope you enjoy this book – if anyone is brave enough to try and spot every single object within all the letters, get in touch…. I may have something to reward you with. 🙂

Steve Turner is a designer of doodle art and tattoos and publishes coloring books independently via Amazon’s Create Space. I find this sympathetic. On the other hand however the quality of this edition is somewhat lacking: the paper is very thin (you can even see the next drawing shining through the page) and the printed lines are not that sharp.
The doodles in the letters are mostly toys and animals which made me feel that this book is also targeted on (older) children. This of course is no problem when you use the drawings in this book as gifts for children like Turner himself tells in the anecdote above. For some adult colorists however this book can therfore turn out to be slightly unsatisfying to color in.

I colored in two drawings, the first one with Bruynzeel Design Colour colored pencils. Due to the toothy paper on which this book is printed there remains much white to be seen even after coloring several layers. Therefore you will need a blender pencil if you want to achieve more vibrant colors. I did not feel comfortable enough to use white spirit for blending with this paper. To my surprise the paper handled the pressure of the blender pencil very well. Also the print ink was not affected by this pencil. All in all I managed to get a decent final result. Afterwards a fair amount of colored pencil residue remained on the page but that turned out to erase easily with an eraser.

Fancy Letters potlood
The second drawing I colored in with Tombow Dual Brush pens. To be honest, it surprised me how well this paper handled the ink of these felt tip pens. I had expected differently. It was a pity however how quick the ink was absorbed by the paper. Therefore blending colors was not possible; the ink dries before you can apply another color. As was to be expected there was much bleeding through on the back of the page but that is not a real problem because this book is printed single sided. I also used one Spectrum Noir marker. Working with these wet, alcohol based markers goes less well than with water based felt tip pens; the ink of the marker bleeds into and across the printed lines very easily.
Fancy Letters stift
All in all a nice book that is very suitable for making presents or decoration for parties, especially for children. Nice for straightforward coloring . The advanced colorist who seeks a challenge however will not find that in this book.

Data of the book:
Title: Squidoodle’s Book of Fancy Letters : an alphabetical colouring adventure
Illustrator: Steve Turner
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 60
Product dimension: 21,6 x 27,9 x 0,25 cm
ISBN: 9781519440617
Price: € 11,00

This book is amongst others available at Bookdepository.

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