World of shaboo coloring book

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From Shabooprints we received this colouring book to write a review on. We want to thank Shabooprints very much for this of course.

Information you can find on the internet: 24 pages of coloring delight! Each page is of very heavy quality vellum paper to prevent leak-through, includes positive quotes to contemplate and uplift your mood. Bound with with spiral wire, you can turn the pages 180 degrees so you can color on your lap and outdoors!
Pages are perforated at the spine so you can gift a page to someone you want to share the joy with! Once the page is detached it measures 8″ x 10″ to fit in a standard frame.

An entertaining book with a nice binder always colours very pleasantly. Because of this binder you have no problem getting to the inside edges. Always an advantage. What does come to notice in this book is that the paper is very firm and a little yellowish. Nice thick quality though. The book contains 24 designs on one sided pages. I will show you some examples as to what you can expect.

There’s a design on each page along with a saying. The designs are very nice and have multiple details. I started with felt-tips this time. I tested Koi Sakura brush pens on this design. These felt-tips attach to the paper very well. As I said earlier this paper is of rather thick quality. The ink dries very quickly, so there’s no smudging or running. The colours look very fresh despite of the paper being a little yellowish.

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To show you the thickness of the paper I coloured the light blue with Spectrum Noir marker. As you can see the marker is visible but hardly goes through the paper.

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On the next design I tested the pencils. I used Caran d’Ache pablo. The pigment attaches very well because of the thick and slightly rough paper. You do have to put some extra layers on in order to get it nice and even. That’s because the paper isn’t supersmooth. But it colours fantastic. This design with the saying on it was also very nice to work on.

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Conclusion : A book with a lot of qualities. Nice quality paper, one side printed pages and almost marker proof ! The binder and the perforations are extra pluses. Nice small and more extensive designs, so something nice to find for every colourist. I’ve seldomly coloured a book with such fine paper. Recommended for sure.

Data of the book:
Title: World of shaboo Coloring book
Illustrator: Veronica Vargas
Publisher: Shaboo Prints
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8 x 10 inch ( 20,32 x 25,4 cm)
Price: € 13,75

This book is available on Etsy.

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