Designs from the Vienna workshop coloring book

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Vienna Workshop kaft

From Pomegranate publishers we received a coloring book which they published recently in cooperation with the famous Smithsonian Design Museum: “Designs from the Vienna Workshop coloring book”. We thank Pomegranate for his.

On the Internet the following information about this book can be found:
One hundred years ago, the Vienna Workshop was a booming artists’ cooperative. Known as Wiener Werkstätte in German, the workshop thrived from 1903 to 1932, and its designers produced art that was used to create fabrics, furniture, clothing, postcards, and so much more—nearly anything you could think of, as long as it was of quality design.

A few of the Vienna Workshop’s many artists created the designs you see here. Even the most complex drawings were often made into patterns that could be used in myriad ways. Sometimes designs would also be produced in a series of colorways, showing all the beautiful potential that can be found when an artist starts with one set of shapes or outlines. As you color, think of all the different ways that your new design could be used. We’ve even left a page at the back of the coloring book blank so that you can devise your own design.

This is a typical example of how you can be mistaken on first impression. I slightly flinched from the large lines and surfaces of the drawings when I first looked at them. How to make a nice colored image out of this?

But then I saw the illustrations of the originals in the inside of the cover of this book and noticed how beautiful they were, and I already started to feel differently about them. They were absolutely worth trying to use as an example.

Vienna Workshop Extra

The first image I picked I colored in with Tombow Dual Brush pens. The paper performs fine with these. They bleed onto the backside of the paper but since this book is printed single sided that is not a problem at all. The ink sinks into the paper very well and there is no bleeding through the sturdy printed lines on the page. Also layering and blending goes well without damaging the paper. I thought the background was to large to color in with Tombows because I wanted to achieve a unicolored smooth background. So I used a Spectrum Noir marker pen for this. The paper endured this much more wet, alcohol based pen also excellently without the slightest of bulging and provided a nice and smooth result. In the end I also used a single white Uni Posca acryllic marker pen for the stripes on the ears of corns. This too worked flawless.

Vienna Workshop stift

Happy with this result I colored in the next image with Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils. And truly, from the very start it was a rare delight to be able to work so nicely with colored pencils. Pomegranate deserves nothing but praise for using this high quality paper. I wish every coloring book would be printed on this paper. Coloring is just so effortless on this. Because the surfaces I colored in were relatively large I blended the pigment using odorlesss white spirit. This also went flawless and produced a nice and smooth result.

Vienna Workshop potlood

Both images gave me very much coloring pleasure, despite my first thoughts when looking at this book. Beautiful patterns emerge from under your hands. And as far as the paper goes: this is how a color book should be. Period. Nothing but praise for Pomegranate.

Data from the book:
Title: Designs from the Vienna Workshop Coloring Book
Publisher: Pomegranate
Product dimensions: 5 x 278 x 216 mm
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9780764974533
Price: $7.95 / € 7,27

This book is amongst others available at  Pomegranate and Bookdepository.

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