Animorphia Notebook

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From Michael O’Mara Books we received the Animorphia Notebook for writing a review on. We want to thank Michael O’Mara Books very much for this.

Information on the internet: The perfect gift, this notebook features the incredible artwork of Kerby Rosanes. With a mixture of images to colour and doodle, and blank and lined pages for notes and lists, people can let their creativity run wild. Featuring splashes of orange neon, this bright and bold notebook is a perfect addition to the Animorphia series.

I will show you some examples first to give you an idea of the contents of this notebook.

As you can see in the examples above the designs come in different sizes. Sometimes you can just colour a border which is surrounded by doodles. And sometimes there’s a design that covers one or two pages. Clearly enough variety and something there for colouring at any moment of day. I started colouring with felt­tips. I chose a combination of Tombow ABT Dual brush pens and Sakura Koi coloring brush pens. Both brands coloured nicely on this paper. The colours are displayed very well and were absorbed by the paper very quickly. The orange neon­accents that are in the design already stand out beautifully, and I think they fit in really well. The felt­tips don’t press through, not even in multiple layers. I find this a very big plus.


Next I coloured a design with pencils also. I chose the Faber Castell Polychromos. These pencils glided over the paper. It was a real joy colouring this one. Working in layers went very well and the adapting afterwards with the blenderpencil also went perfect. The colours are being displayed very well because the pigment is absorbed so well. Only minus was that the black lines issued a little during adapting with the blenderpencil. So when I touched the preprinted lines, it became visible on the design sometimes. It’s just minimal but it strikes me nevertheless. Further I can only praise colouring with colouring pencils.

SAM_0123After colouring I flipped the page and to my surprise I noticed that the black from the design behind the one I just coloured, had issued on the back of my design. I found this a pity. So you really have to put an empty sheet between the pages in order to prevent this from happening. This probably happened because of the pressure from the blender pencil.

Conclusion : It’s a very nice notebook containing lots of different designs, in the well known style of Kerby Rosanes. There’s enough space for writing something down or make your own drawing. The pages containing lines are alternated with empty pages. I find the designs very nice. A lot of the designs were also in the book Animorphia. The smaller designs however are new and an addition. Felt­tips and pencils both work very well on this paper. Only when adapting with a blenderpencil, take note that the darker background on the page behind your design doesn’t issue on the back. Put a sheet between the pages then to prevent this from happening. Do you like notebooks besides colouring ? This is highly recommended.

Data from the book :
Title: Animorphia Notebook
Illustrator: Kerby Rosanes
Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books
Product dimensions: 22 x 150 x 210 mm
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781910552230
Price: € 12,99

This book is amongst others available at Bol.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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