Exotic animal designs

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From Blue Star Coloring we received the book Exotic Animal Design for writing a review on. We want to thank Blue Star Coloring very much for this.

SAM_0105Information on the internet:

  • From illustrator Katie Packer comes an adventurous new adult coloring book: Exotic Animal Patterns!
  • Published by Blue Star, the team behind multiple national bestselling adult coloring books.
  • Contains 35 exotic, hand-drawn coloring images featuring koalas, kiwis, komodo dragons and more!
  • Designs range in complexity from beginner to expert-level.
  • Provides hours and hours of fun, creative coloring expression.
  • Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!

I started with flipping this book first. Katie Packer’s drawing style looks a little like Masja’s. And I like this style a lot. So I flipped the pages again in order to pick a design. But first I will show you some examples to give you an idea of what designs are in this book, and see whether you agree with me about the style looking a little like Masja’s or not.

Agree with me that it looks like it ?

Of course I started colouring. I started with colouring pencils and chose the Faber Castell Polychromos and the Caran d’Ache Pablo pencils.The pencils coloured nicely on this paper, but what I noticed was that the paper was a little bit smooth, which caused the pigment being released a little faster. You can prevent this from happening by putting tissue paper under your hand however. The pigment release was good, even when using little pressure.


Next I coloured a design with felt­tips. I used multiple brands here. I used the Tombow ABT dual brush pens and the Faber Castell Pitt pens brush. Both of them coloured nicely on this paper. The paper is a little thin however, which causes the felt­tips to press through a little, but because the pages are printed on one side only, this isn’t a problem. You won’t lose any designs on the back. The paper bubbled a little during the colouring, but the ink dries up beautifully and the paper looks fine in the end, despite the fact I went over some pieces more often. So despite of fact the paper is a little thin, the quality is good. What I did notice was that some lines seemed to be put on a little loose, which I found a minus, but you don’t notice that at all in the whole.


Conclusion : This book is a nice, divers book yet again. And when you like Masja’s style you will probably like this book very much. Both pencils and felt­tips work fine on this paper. Felt­tips press through a little, but because the pages are printed only on one side, this isn’t a problem. This is a book that should be in your collection, especially when you like these kind of designs.

Data from the book :
Title: Exotic Animal Design
Illustrator: Katie Packer
Publisher: Blue Star Coloring
Product dimensions: 4 x 280 x 216 mm
Pages: 80
ISBN: 9781941325506

This book is amongst others available at Bol.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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