Derwent Artbars

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From Kunstburg we received the Derwent Artbars and I get to review them. We want to thank Kunstburg very much for this.

foto 2
Information on the internet:

  • Creamy wax-based bars have a smooth consistency similar to an oil pastel
  • Triangular shape offers extra dimension to your marks
  • Rich, opaque color is not permanent, so you can draw over previous marks and cover them up
  • Water soluble color can also be covered with ease
  • Set of 12 colors

My first impression is a positive one. I’m very curious about these wax-pastels because I’ve already seen them and read a lot about them. I’m very curious as to how I will like them. To get inspiration for my designs I looked at a clip on Derwent’s site first.

The bars can be devided into smaller pieces so they are easier to work with. You remove a little foil and break of a little piece, as you can see on my design.

bar 3
On the next photo you see the start of the wax, which I will adapt later with water and a brush.

bar 4

Here you can see the result. I think it came out very well. The dragonfly is coloured with Bruynzeel Expressions by the way.

bar 5

The next design comes from Betoverde vormen from Lidl. I started the bars and adapted them with water. The paper bulges a little during adapting but once it has dried that’s all gone. The colours come out very intense.

Conclusion : Oh, how I love these wax­pastels ! I didn’t get disappointed by working with these artbars. I love working with water so I recommend them for sure. One thing I did discover was that they’re a good replacement for pastels used for creating backgrounds. This goes very well and it’s nice to do. If you can’t work with pastels I would recommend the artbars for sure.

The Derwent Artbars are available at Kunstburg.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.


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