Zig Clean color real brush pens

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From Kuretake we received a set of ZIG clean color real brush pens for testing and writing a review on. We want to thank Kuretake very much for this.


Information on the internet: The popular Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens are perfect for quick illustrating, sketching, blending, designing and cartooning. Easy to create both narrow and wide lines, as well as color gradation effects!
Now available in all 80 colors and a variety of multicolor sets.
Ink Type: Water-based dye, Odorless, Xylene-free

When we received these brush pens I was very curious about them. I already heared a lot of positive things about them. The pens have very delicate penciltips. I started testing on a crib sheet first. You can draw very fine lines and, when using more pressure, colour a wider space in one go.

A very flexible brushtip indeed.

Of course I coloured with them too. I started in the Tweede enige echte Mandalakleurboek. I noticed right away that these felt-tips coloured very nicely on this paper. Colours were being diplayed nicely and what came to notice immediately was the brightness of the colours. The felt-tips didn’t press through the paper. You don’t see any striping from the colouring.


Because I like colouring mandala’s a lot and know that many use felt-tips when colouring mandala’s, I coloured another one from the book 100 creaties mandala. You notice right away they used a different kind of paper. Again colours are displayed nicely, but with some colours (green and grey) it seems a bit splotchy as if you haven’t coloured evenly. The felt-tips don’t press through in this book either. All in all I think the results are very nice.


Because you can mix the colours of these felt-tips I chose a design that was suited very much for this. I mingled the colours by holding the tips against each other. Tried this on a crib sheet first.


You hold your basic colour on the paper and the colour you want to add a little higher. This enables the ink to run into the other felt-tip. By colouring you get gradient, and the colour will slowly return to it’s basic colour. You can also get the colour to slowly go from light to dark. For this you have to use a waterbrush. You hold this against the tip of the pen with which you want to create gradient. You will see the ink in the tip getting very light in the beginning and getting darker again during colouring. Very nice possibilities indeed. I’m very happy with the result of this design.


Conclusion : These felt-tips are not very well-known in the colouring world and I think that’s a pity. They colour very nicely. You don’t get the same result on every kind of paper but that happens with all kinds of felt-tips. You can create nice gradients with them and even thin the tip with water in order to create a lighter colour. This gives you plenty of possibilities and you aren’t as limited as when using normal felt-tips.

Zig Clean color real brush pens are amongst others available at Penstore.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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