Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers

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From we received a set of Winson & Newton brushmarkers for testing and writing a review on. We want to thank them very much for this.

Information on the internet:Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers are filled with a dye and alcohol-based ink that applies evenly with no streaking, making them ideal for rendering and shading.
These double-ended markers have a broad chisel nib on one end and a brush tip on the other. The color range includes translucent colors for achieving depth, and a BrushMarker Blender for softening and merging colors. The ink is fast-drying.

We heared a lot about these brushmarkers and therefore we were very curious when we received them.

The both of us immediately chose a design and started colouring right away. Considering it was almost Christmas we both thought it would be appropriate to pick a Christmas-design. That gave us time getting used to these brushmarkers. Because of their flexible tips it was a bit of getting used to, compared to other markers.

We both chose a design from Pinterest and printed them on DCP paper. The colouring went just fine and because of the flexible tip of the brush you can colour larger parts a lot easier. By holding the brush more upright you can also colour very small parts. So far I’m very pleased. As you can see the colour reproduction is very good, even on the design which contains darker pieces, on which is coloured on the pieces that are almost black.

This looked good. Therefore I printed another design on DCP paper right away. This time I deliberately chose a design that was darker. You see the colours are diplayed nicely despite the darker base. It’s always a guess because the darker base takes a little of the colour away. This wasn’t the case here however.


We also received a block of Winsor & Newton markers paper with this set of brushmarkers. So I printed a design on this paper as well. What strikes immediately is that this paper is very thin. It’s 75 grams paper, which makes it feel very thin, but because it’s specially for alcoholmarkers, it colours just perfect !! The paper presses through a little but because of it being specially made for markers, it’s very economic in marker use. The brushmarkers colour very nicely on this paper, and despite of the paper being that thin, it doesn’t give any problems during colouring.


Because we were so pleased with these brushmarkers I coloured a Mandala from the book 100 creations Mandala. Because this book is printed one sided it’s very suited for testing markers. You don’t lose a design because of the pressing through of the markers.The markers colour very well on this paper also, and eventhough this paper isn’t made for markers, there’s no bleeding (running of the markers) and the colours come out nicely. Because of the pressing through it would be wise to put a sheet of paper between the pages, in order to prevent the next design from being damaged.


Because of the fact that the Enige Echte kleur Scheurkalender is printed just one sided too and we can’t get enough of the brushmarkers, I coloured a design with the markers from this as well. Again there was no bleeding and the colours came out nicely. The brushmarkers are also very suited for colouring smaller parts. You can colour them easily by holding the marker upright.


Finally I coloured a mandala from the Enige Echte Mandala kleurboek om te versturen. Because these cards are meant to be sent, the paper is thicker. I do notice however that markers press through to the backside a lot. So I was wondering what would happen here. It wasn’t that bad. They only press through on the parts where I made lapses. I will explain the best way to make lapses with markers more detailed in another review.


Conclusion : The Winsor&Newton Brushmarkers are a true asset in the field of markers. Because of the flexible brushtip you have lots of possibilties and you are able to colour smaller details, without being afraid of the tip being to raw for colouring that detail. The markers aren’t too wet, what I believe to be a plus, because they dry nice and even.

Winsor&Newton markers also has a special Facebook-group. This is called Winsor & Newton Markers. Go and have a look when you want to learn more.

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This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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