Naar de maan

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From THOTH we received the book Naar de maan for testing and writing a review on.

Information on the internet: Climb up to the moon with this amazing fold-out colouring book, the tallest in the world! Colour an amazing tower, all the way from your house down on the ground, past dragons, witches, space ports and flying elephants, to reach the moon at the very top! Grab your pens and let’s get going! Can you climb all the way to the moon?

When I received this book I was very curious about it. It’s a colouring book with only one design over 4,5 meters long !! So this is called the Tallest colouring book in the world for good reason.

I will show you some examples from the design first.

As you can see in the examples above the design is rather various. You can see that fridgeting is alternated with somewhat easier parts. This made me even more curious.

I decided to use felt-tips for colouring.This appears more appropriate to me as a whole, regarding the coloured background.I used different kinds of felt-tips for colouring this design. For example the Faber Castell pitt artist brush pens, the Tombow abt dual pens and the Staedler triplus color. All felt-tips coloured beautifullly on this paper. The colours were picked up nicely and came out nicely.

What I did notice while colouring was that, when coming to parts further away, it became more difficult to reach the right parts. I either had to hang over the table or turn the design around in order to reach that part from the side. This is a bit more difficult with this book. So far I’ve coloured the first two pages, but I want to colour more for sure. It’s too nice to wait.

Conclusion : This can righfully be called the longest colourin book, with its length of over 4,5 metres. The different kinds of felt-tips coloured very nicely on this paper. What was difficult at a certain point however was reaching the part that needed to be coloured. You can fold the pages but even then you have to turn the book sideways in order to reach properly. In spite of this being a little difficult, I find it a very nice book for colouring.

Data from the book :
Title: Naar de maan
Illustrator: Sarah Yoon
Publisher: THOTH
Product dimensions: 220 x 350 x 22 mm
Pages: 15
ISBN: 9789068686968
Price: € 9,90

This book is amongst others available at Bol, the bookstores and the webstore of THOTH. The publish date of this book is 8 march 2016.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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