Beautiful Creatures

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We received this beautiful book from Huelish for writing a review on. Of course we want to thank Huelish very much for this.

Information on the internet: Select your palette and color over the gray, letting the depth of shading inspire your choices. Using the gray as your guide, feel like a professional artist as you bring depth and color to each image, creating lifelike artwork that is uniquely yours.

Optimized for coloring, each of the thoughtfully curated collection of 48 striking images is printed one-sided on acid-free, archival quality paper, perforated and watermarked for framing. Feel the thrill of artistic accomplishment that comes from creation, and the pride of seeing your work framed and displayed. Where the simplicity of coloring meets a refined aesthetic, Beautiful Creatures opens the door to artistic expression and all the joys that come with it.

It’s not very often that I see such a beautiful book. Nice size and a firm cover. Inside a good explanation and examples of how to colour as realistic as possible. There are 48 different designs of various animals in the book. The designs are printed on one side only, so perfect for using all kinds of material on them. The paper feels nice and firm. Below some examples from this book.

As described in the book it’s very handy that shadows have already been added to the designs, so it’s easy to make a nice design even for beginners. You start with the darkest colours in the design using the darkest colouringmaterials. Then when you go on you use lighter and lighter colours all the way to the end. I coloured my first design with pastelpencils from Bruynzeel and Derwent. Pastel attaches to this paper very well and it’s easy to create colour differences with it. Always secure the pastel afterwards to prevent it from getting rubbed.

foto 6

On my second design I used Faber Castell Pitt and a Tombow Brush felt-tip. The paper is very suited for using these materials on. The colours don’t run and they remain very nice. These materials don’t press through.


Finally I wanted to use markers and I chose these two beautiful birds for this test. Again the colours didn’t run. They do press through a little however, but that is no problem in this book.

foto 8

The final design I coloured was the cute fish in the coral. This one I did with the Faber Castell Polychromos and on the background I used Staedtler Pastel chalk, which I rubbed with a large stumper.

foto 9

Conclusion : I think this book is very exceptional and greatly differs from normal colouring books for adults. The nicest thing is you can use pencil or pastel in it but felt­tips and markers work just as well. Truly something different and suited for experts as well as beginners. Printed one­sided so you can create beautiful designs using all sorts of colouringmaterials. When coloured the designs seem lifelike and well worth framing. Because of the perforation the designs can be taken out of the book easily. Be surprised by this very different colouring technique. A book that should be in your collection for sure !

Data from the book :
Title: Beautiful Creatures
Illustrator: Nicole Stocker
Publisher: Huelish
Product dimensions: 23,4 x 26,7 x 1 cm
Pages: 166
ISBN: 9780994862303

This book is amongst others available at Amazon.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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