Staedtler Karat Aquarell Pencils

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From Staedtler we received these Karat pencils for testing and writing a review on. For this we want to thank Staedtler very much.

Information on the internet: Watercolor Pencils, Karat Aquarell. High quality watercolor pencils for a wide range of quality effects. 60 brilliant light-fast colors in an attractive storage tin. Excellent blending quality, smooth color-intensive performance.

The box we received is the one containing 36 pieces. It’s a compact box with two layers of 18 pencils. Personaly I think that is more comfortable, because it doesn’t need much space. Because we (Claudia and I, Annemie) will be testing together, we’ll be able to compare our findings.

The first design is coloured with the Karat pencils and the Caran d’Ache waterbrush was used. The design was finished with the Karat softpastel. The colour release was very good and mixed well with the waterbrush. You don’t need much of pencil to produce a lot of pigment.

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On the next design you can see how well the colours follow eachother in shades. The yellow-orange-red colours are applied in various ways. You can see how well the colours come out when adapted with the waterbrush.

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What I personaly like is that you can create very intense colours with these pencils, but they’re also nice to use in softer tones. On the next design I used different shades from the box and also used colours dry. That went well. Dry colours also colour nicely and they deliver enough pigment.


But making a Mandala was something I didn’t want to leave behind. Applying the pencil was easy because they are nice and soft to colour with. Even when applying just a small line you can wipe out large parts with the waterbrush, in order to make it look nice.

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Conclusion from the both of us is that the price-quality ratio is very good. The pencils are nice for colouring dry, but you get an even more beautiful result when you use water. Pigment resolves well and they mix fine. You can create intense as well as pastel shades. Boxes are available containing as little as 12 pieces. There are 60 colours available in total. Especially for designers who like to work with watercolour pencils they are recommended in your collection for sure. Colouring with them was great fun for us.

These pencils are amongst others available at Kleurenenzo.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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