Staedtler Noris Club® 144

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From Staedler we received a set of 36 Noris Club 144 colouring pencils, for testing and writing a review on. For this we want to thank Staedler very much.

Information on the internet: 

  • Coloured pencil in classic hexagonal shape
  • A·B·S – the white protective coating reinforces the lead core and increases break-resistance
  • Especially soft and richly coloured lead
  • Up to 36 brilliant colours
  • Individual pencils available in up to 12 colours
  • Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests


When I got to review these pencils I was very curious. I already own multiple Staedler products and I’m very happy with those. So I was very keen on trying these pencils of course. The pencils came in a cardboard box. I got the set with 36 pencils to review. I opened the box immediately and got the pencils out. What beautiful and diverse colours ! There are more than enough colours in there to create beautiful designs. I chose to keep the pencils in a roll-up bag. In this way they are sorted by colour, easy to overlook and well protected. What I also find useful is the A-B-S protection. In this way they are shatter-proof.

abs punt

I chose to colour 2 designs from 2 different books. In this way you can see whether the pencils colour nicely on different kinds of paper.

I coloured the first design from the denksport book Kleur in ’t klein. I chose the flower with the butterflies because it was very appealing to me. I also wanted to work with layers and this design is very suited for doing so. On the flower I used three chades of yellow and a little orange. Even with low pressure the pigment released well on the design. Afterwards I adapted the layers to get a nice gradient. I am happily surprised by the quality of these pencils. The colours released well on the paper, both using high pressure as well as low pressure. On the butterflies I also used multiple colours. On 2 butterflies I used 3 shades of blue and on the other 2 butterflies I used 3 shades of purple. Again I worked with layers and colour layering. I’m very pleased with the result.

tekening 1

I start colouring the second design and I chose blue shades. I tried to work in layers and going from light to dark. The pencils coloured nicely on this paper. And I’m happily surprised by the price/quality ratio. The pigment released very well on the paper, both using low as well as high pressure. I’m very happy with the result.

tekening 2

Conclusion : I’m happily surprised with these pencils. They coloured nicely. They also give off their pigment well both using low pressure as well as high pressure. Furthermore you have a nice set of colours with this 36 piece box in order to create a nice design. The price/quality ratio is very good. You get perfect pencils for a small price. I also liked the fact that the pencils were protected with A-B-S, which protect them from breaking when they fall. That I find a big plus. And as said before you can also use them to create layers and colour layering. That is a plus for me because I like to work in layers.


This pencils is amongst others available at Boekenvoordeel .

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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