Tombow ABT Dual Brushpens 18 colours Secondary set

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After receiving the Tombow ABT dual brushpens 12 colours primary set and blending kit from Tombow, we now also received the Tombow ABT dual brushpens 18 colours secondary set, for testing and writing a review on. For this we want to thank them very much.

Information on the internet: Tombow double ended brush pen markers. A selection of 18 colours in secondary shades supplied in display wallet. Tombow Dual Brush Pens are water-based, blendable, odourless, acid-free and non-bleed.


The 18-piece set is wrapped in a nice box, in which you can let the brushpens stand upright. By pushing the plastic lid that’s over the brushpens backward, the set stays upright.

You can see all colours included in this set on the picture above. There is one disadvantage when purchasing the different sets. You will get some colours multiple times, these are the most current colours however. The advantage of course is that you can purchase all Tombow colours seperately. This gives you the possibility to start with a set and then extend it one by one. You won’t have to buy a whole new set when one ABT runs empty. The large investment is a one time thing, because after that you only have to replace the empty ABT’s.

I was curious about this set because the colours seemed very soft, and soft colours are most favourite.


I started colouring in Kaleido Color. This coloured nicely. The colours didn’t press through which is always nice. Kaleido Color is printed one-sided anyway. The colours displayed beautifuly, although the green was a bit more difficult to get even.


After this I coloured in het Enige echte mandalakleurboek om te versturen. The coloures are displayed well and the colouring went very well also. As you can see the colours are nice and light.


As you can see in the close-up they colour very even and there’s almost no colour difference when colouring. This of course is nice while colouring.


After this I coloured a design from Denksport Mandala Rime in Kleur. Again the colours displayed nicely on this paper. The brushpoint coloured really nice on this paper. The paper is very thin however, which causes the colours to press through to the backside.

I also coloured a design by not only using the colours from this set but also using some of the colours from the primary set.


On this design I worked with the blending palette on several colours. This to create gradient, like on the teapot top-right. I wanted a lighter part in the pink. The Tombow ABT’s are very suited for acomplishing this. Because they can be mixed with water you can thin the colour or apply gradient. You can either do this by using a blenderpen and a palette or by using water and a brush. I chose to do this with a blenderpen and a blender palette.

You can also blend directly on the paper with the blenderpen. The paper has to be suited for this of course. I tried it in some books, but I believe the method with the blenderpen and palette (or applying the colour on a cd cover and picking it up with a blenderpen which gives the same effect) works a lot nicer. When working with the blenderpen and palette, the paper is of much less influence.

The Tombow ABT dual brushpens are felt-tips form a more expensive segment, but they are more than worth their price. You get a high-quality product with lots of possibilities.

This Tombow Products are amongst others available at Kleurenenzo.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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