Caran D’ache Prismalo

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Information on the internet: The watersoluble coloured pencil for fine artists, graphic artists and for illustrators. The pencils are remarkable for the following properties: the water soluble leads are fine and hard for precise, detailed drawing; they are extremely break resistant with a lead diameter of 3mm, and have good lightfastness. .
The hexagonal casings are made of first-class cedar wood and show the colour number. The pencils conform to the CE EN 71 standard. Shading, watercolour technique as well as wash drawing are all possibilities with these pencils.

After we had bought these pencils we were very curious of what they would be like. I started colouring different designs with them right away.

I started with a design from the book Bloemenmagie wishingcards. These are cards on thick paper. I always coloured the edges and addapted them with a brush and some water. I had some trouble doing this in the beginning,which iwas mostly getting the hang of it, because I didn’t have much experience in watercolouring. The colours of these pencils are nice and bright and become more intense when addapted with water.


After this I went and got me a waterbrush because I heared some nice stories about this. Tried this brush immediately on an easy design from the sixth Enige Echte Kleurboek voor volwassenen. Here I coloured the entire surface lightly and then adapted it with the waterbrush. The colour becomes very bright when you adapt it with water.


Next I coloured a mandala from the Enige Echte Mandala kleurboek om samen te kleuren. Here I also coloured the entire surface lightly with the pencils. I find these pencils are the most beautiful ones, but that is personal of course. This varies from one person to another. The paper in this book is very suited for watercolouring. It doesn’t bulge and the colours are diplayed nicely.


The pencils are available in different sets. They vary from 6,12,18,30,40 up to 80 pieces per set. They are also available seperately, which is a plus, because then you can buy a colour that has run out without having to buy a whole new set again.

Conclusion : The Caran d’Ache Prismalo are very nice pencils, from which the colour is extra well displayed when you start using them as watercolouring pencils. You always have to check the kind of paper on which you are going to start working with the watercolouring pencils. The different kinds of paper absorb the water differently.

This pencils is amongst others available at Bol.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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