Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Primary & Blending Kit

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Through Boekhandel Deurenberg we received a set Tombow dual brush primary (ABT-12C-1) and a blending kit from Tombow Europe. This was for testing and wrighting a review on. We thank them very much for this.

Information on the internet: The excellent Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen combines a flexible brush tip and a fine tip in one marker. The brush tip works like a paint brush allowing you to create fine, medium and bold strokes. Whereas using the fine tip allows you to draw consistent lines and more detailed drawings. Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen contains a non toxic water based ink which is acid free, odourless and does not bleed through paper. They are similar to use as watercolour paints and will blend effortlessly to create a watercolour effect. This set of Tombow ABT Brush pens contains 12 primary colours.

We had heared a lot of good stories about the Tombow dual brush pen, so as soon as we got home we had to try it.

mandala1     sam_0305

I started colouring in the third Enige Echte Mandala colouringbook. I noticed immediately that the Tombows coloured very nicely. The colour issue was fine and they didn’t press through in this book. It also seemed like it was printed. With most colours there is no striping or starter visible of where you coloured. That is a big plus in my opinion.

I found the colours a little too dark but the advantage of the Tombows is that you can get the colours lighter by blending. More about this later in the review.

After this I started colouring in the Enige Echte Xenos Mandala book. Because this paper is a lot thinner I was curious how the colouring would go. The colouring itself went well but it did press through in some places however. This happens more than once in this book.

mandala2     sam_0315

I would have liked the colours to be lighter here too. This is no problem with the Tombows.


In the picture above you can see that you can make a darker colour lighter. On a blending palette (or cd-cover) you colour with the colour you want to make lighter and then take a blending pen. With this blender pen you pick up the colour and start colouring. This colour will be much lighter than the original colour. That is realy nice. The only difficult thing about this is trying to get the same colour everywhere and making sure one cube doesn’t get darker than the other.


Another thing that is very nice about Tombows is gradient. I tested this by writing some text and drawing a line. On the picture you can see it best with the line. You put some colour on the blending palette and pick it up with yellow for example. The you start to write. You start with the dark colour and end up with the light colour. The light colour will absorb the dark but at the end it’s clean and bright again. That doesn’t happen with normal felt-tips. This is what makes these felt-tips so unique.

The Tombows are available in 96 colours and there’s a blender.



There are many more possibilities with these felt-tips, which we will come back to in a later review. Because one thing is for sure, we like these Tombows so much, we want to have the complete set.

This Tombow Products are amongst others available at Kleurenenzo.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.


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