Faber Castell Gelatos

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From Goedkoopstehobby.nl we received these Gelatos from Faber Castell for testing and I (Claudia) will write a review on them. We want to thank Goedkoopstehobby.nl for this very much.

Information on the internet: Nothing on the market today compares with Design Memory Craft Gelatos®.  Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage.  All Gelatos® blend easily with or without water.  Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood!

The first thing I notice is that they look like little lipsticks, in size as well in the twisting technique that is used. The colours look very light to me but I will get back to that later on.

For this review I watched a number of clips and tried 2 different techniques. I will go into the second technique a little deeper, to show you how I proceeded.

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I started by making a mandala as my first design. Because I’m totally fond of mandala’s I wanted to see how the Gelatos worked on this. I tried two different things and looked at the best way to get the colour onto the paper.

First I rubbed a wet brush over the stick in order to pick up colour. That was disappointing. In the end I got a palette and rubbed the stick in there and thickened it with water. In that way I could pick up the liquid/paint and apply it on the paper. The coloures got much more intense this way compared to how I did it before. It was quite some work but I’m very satisfied with this mandala.

On the next design I also used two techniques. I will explain. On this design I also used Stabilo 68/88. On the background I used Staedler Karat Softpastel crayons.

First I applied the colour on the design with the sticks and then rubbed it with a waterbrush.

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I found this difficult and not to my liking.

So I switched to another technique. The branch I did with Stabilo and afterwards I adjusted the feathers with purple gelatos. I used the palette and picked it up with the waterbrush. I also put the colours for the flowers onto the palette.

The applying goes very well on this paper. It dries up rather quickly so you have to work fast, and make sure you have enough paste on the palette. Because when making more you never get the exact same colour again. There is an advantage though. When you make too much and it dries up you can always add water and liquefy it again.

When the paint has dried up you can go over it with felt-tips. In this manner I was able to add a few extra highlights on the flowers. And for the finishing touch I coloured the background with softpastel.

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Conclusion : First of all I want to say that I’m not a painter and therefore I just used the hobby-techniques. But when you get more information on how to use the gelatos, you will find that there is much more possible than what I showed here. I am sure that when you use these more often you will get the hang of it more and more. For me the best way to work is to apply the gelatos on a palette in order to get the colours on my design in a nice way.
You can choose in working with a paintbrush or with a waterbrush like I did. A big plus is, when dried up on the palette, you can liquefy it and use it again.
The technique of applying it onto the paper doesn’t work for me. That can either be the result of the type of paper, or because I applied it too thick. It does invite me however to some more colouring with the gelatos.
All in all I think these material are nice to work with, especially when you want to try some different ones for a change. Recommended to add to your collection.

Faber Castell Gelatos are amongst others available at  Goedkoopstehobby.nl.
For this review we used the Gelatos mix 12 pieces.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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