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From Scrapbookzolder we received a set of promarkers for testing and writing a review on for which we want to thank Scrapbookzolder very much.

Information on the internet: Christmas themed 6 sets in Contemporary & Traditional Christmas colour selections both includes 5 carefully chosen ProMarker colours plus one Metallic Marker.
Perfect for Christmas cards, themed projects and seasonal artwork. ProMarkers and Metallic Markers work perfectly together, try colouring with ProMarkers and adding finishing touches or decorative writing with a Metallic Marker for that perfect Christmas look!
Set includes: Silver, Cool Aqua, China Blue, Lilac, Amethyst, Rose Pink

I started colouring with these markers right away. Markers always have the advantage that you can colour without leaving stripes. They always press through however, but I take that for granted.

The first design I chose is a card from the Enige echte Mandala-kleurboek for sending. The paper of these cards is of a thicker quality.

The markers colour very nicely on this paper and don’t bleed, so this paper is very suited for markers. I also notice, when using these markers, that the pressing through is really not that bad. You can see a little dot on the backside of the card sometimes. I’ve seen much different results with markers. This is a real plus for these markers.

mandala om te versturen                SAM_0899

I also blended the colours with these markers to get a gradient at the edges of the mandala, as shown on the picture above. You put the darkest colour from two on a piece of plastic and then you pick up the colour with a lighter colour. You will notice the darker colour flowing from the marker first and then slowly changing to the original lighter colour. You can blend them on paper off course, but then you will see the starter more clearly, because of the lighter colour pushing the darker colour to the side. This happens because the lighter colour contains more alcohol. See cut out below.


After this one I coloured another mandala form the Derde enige echte Mandala-kleurboek for Adults. The markers coloured nicely on this paper as well. Even the silver colour coloured nicely, although the silver remains on the paper a little. This also happens with silver felt-tips though.

Colouring with these markers was so nice I coloured a mandala from the Enige echte Mandala-kleurboek for colouring together right after this one. On this paper the markers also coloured very nicely and they didn’t bleed. I also thought these markers to be less wet than others which, to my opinion, makes the colouring nicer. I also think the colours are beautiful.

Mandala om samen te kleuren

Finally I coloured a design from the Mozaïek coloringbook. Smaller cubes can be coloured easily with these markers because of their small and hard tip. In this Mozaïek kleurboek the markers also didn’t bleed. This varies for every book off course and you just need to test it. And with duplex printed books you will loose the backside design off course. I take this for granted however, because colouring with these markers is just very nice. And the colour is very beautiful and even.


Conclusion : These markers have beautiful soft colours and I tested them in several books. They dry up beautifully and are less wet than other markers, which minimalised the pressing through on the card from the Mandala-kleurboek for sending. The card was still very suited for sending.
Normally this isn’t possible when colouring with markers. What does come to notice is that the colours come out darker in the Mozaïek coloringbook than in than on the mandala’s. This will probably be because of the difference in paper. Off course markers press through in colouringbooks but this is well known from alcohol-markers. When you like colouring with markers, or are not familiar with markers at all, this is a nice set to have in your collection or to start off with.

This set is for sale at Scrapbookzolder and current price is € 10.41

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