Garden Flowers Alphabet

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From Kleurboekenwinkel we received Garden Flowers Alphabet and I (Claudia) was asked to write a review on this book.

Information on the internet: This collection of blossoming beauties includes graceful daffodils framing the letter “D,” orchids enhancing the letter “O,” roses entwining an “R,” and 23 other flowery letters of the alphabet. As an additional bonus, a double-page spread features a magnificent ready-to-color flower garden. A sophisticated coloring book for adults that love flowers.

First I will show you some examples :

My first impression is that the book looks nice. Beautiful images of flowers and at the bottom the flower’s name is written. So just in case you need an example of flower’s colors you can look it up.
The pages are printed on both sides and the paper feels a little rough, but that’s not a very big problem. In the back there are some more examples.


I colored my first design with Bruynzeel Expression and on the background I used Staedler Karat softpastel. I also used the Prismacolor blender-pencil.
The paper is very suited for the pencils. You can color on it nicely and blending goes just fine. The softpastel applies very well because the paper is a little rough. I applied these with a cotton swab to get the “splotchy” effect.

I colored this design with Staedler fineliner (orange/yellow), a Tiger Twin marker (red) and a Faber Castell brush (green).
The Staedler doesn’t slide very smoothly over the paper. I think this is because of the somewhat rough paper. The marker is based on alcohol and therefore it slides very well. I chose this one to create a nice even effect. The pitts also go nicely over this paper. The starter in the green leaves remains visible at all time however. Unfortunately all three of the felt-tips press through and that makes coloring the flower on the backside impossible.

I used Staedler Karat Softpastel on this design. Because of the roughness of the paper you slide over it in no time. It applies very well and can be worked out perfectly. Highly recommended !

Conclusion : A very nice book with beautiful flowers, which you can color in real-time colors. The paper is very suited for pencil and pastel. I wouldn’t recommend felt-tips because of the pressing through. When you love flowers, highly recommended!

Data of the book:
Title: Garden Flowers Alphabet
Illustrator: Ruth Soffer
Publisher: Dover Publications Incl.
Pages: 32
Product Dimensions: 4x274x199 mm
ISBN: 9780486435954
Price: € 6,95

This book is amongst others available at Kleurboeken-winkel.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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