Cretacolor Aqua Briques

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From Brevillier Urban & Sachs we received the book Cretacolor Aqua Briques for a team-review. We want to thank Brevillier Urban & Sachs very much for this.

Information on the internet: Aqua Brique is a solid water-soluble block of color used as a traditional watercolor cake or for drawing dry or wet. Use on wet paper for subtle watercolor effects or draw with it dry and apply water with a brush. Special pigments ensure luminous colors, outstanding water-solubility, and exceptional lightfastness.

We all received a set of Cretacolor Aqua Briques from Brevillier, which made it possible for all of us to test this product. This was new to us and we figured it would be fun to see whether our opinions on this would be the same.

I (Mariska) got to test the Cretacolor Aqua Brique. I never worked with such a product before. It was all new to me and very exiting. But I enjoyed working with it very much. First I got some info from Youtube, and looked at the possibilities. I found you can apply it on the paper right away. You can also use a wet brush and then apply it on the paper.
I chose a design from Masterpieces for colouring, because this seemed a suiting book for this. All the designs in this book are originally paintings.  I started with applying a large part directly on the paper, and adapted it with water (the larger surfaces). The somewhat smaller loosing details I did with my waterbrush. I took up the paint from the cube and then applied it on the paper. One thing I noticed was, when applying the product directly on the paper and adapt it, you need a lot more water to smoothen it. This made the paper curve.

Plaat aqua brique

At first glance you would think it is watercolour, but appearances are deceptive. When I (Claudia) made a line on the paper with the cube, I got a beautiful effect. You can’t even see the line that I made when applying water on it. So far so good.  On this design I chose to work with a brush however. With little water on the cube you get a nice dark result on the paper. Therefore it covers excellent. If there are still some uneven spots you can improve them with a wet brush. Also a plus.


Because the box we received only contains 10 pieces, you may think you are limited in your options, but you couldn’t be more wrong. You can mix colours easily on a plate by picking up some color with a brush and, with a little added water, mix your desired color. I did this for making skin-color and for using on the background.

Dikke dames

I (Annemie) also participated in this review on Cretacolor Aqua Brique. For this test I used a design from Dikke Dames. The Aqua Brique are easy to use dilute as well as undiluted. For colouring the dress and the skin-color I put some color on a plate and diluted it with water untill I had the desired color.

By mixing the 10 colors available I could make a lot of different colors. The sponge that is included allows you to color the background equal. It was a nice experience and I will be using these nice materials more often. Highly recommended as far as I’m concerned.

Donald duck

I (Bryan) also tested Cretacolor Aqua Brique. And what fun this was ! I chose a design from Pinterest and printed it on watercolor paper. Then I picked up the paint from the cube with a wet paintbrush. This went very well. What I noticed right away was that the paint covered very well. I find most watercolors don’t but these cubes are excellent. I will surely be doing this more often. I enjoy this very much.

Foto 11-10-15 16 34 04

I (Amanda) also received a box of Brevillier Cretacolor Aqua Brique. I had no clue what the possibilities were so I looked on Google and Youtube. Here I learned that these crayons/cubes can be used for drawing, and can be rubbed with water. A kind of watercoloring. I made an attempt to draw with this but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’m not a designer, but the briques apply their pigment very well on this paper and can easily be rubbed with water. I stuck to the “painting”. With a paintbrush and some water rub the cube and color the figures. Because I always use felt-tips and pencils I didn’t expect this to work but it went pretty well. And I enjoyed doing it !  The cubes release the pigment on the brush very well and it can be applied on the paper easily. On the paper you can let the colors blend together well, but also on a piece of plastic you can blend well. So despite I’m not a designer and you can’t draw with this, I find it a great addition to my coloringmaterials. The use is very different from felt-tips or pencils, but that makes it even more fun to use this for coloring.

Foto 11-10-15 16 32 34

I (Veronique) tested the Cretacolor Aqua Brique just like the other team-members. I was very curious as to what my opinion would be. Because Bryan printed his design on watercolor paper, I did mine on DCP paper. I was wondering how this would work with water. With the set comes a little stick. When you dip this in water it becomes a sponge.

close up kleuren

I used this sponge to apply the color on the bigger area’s. This went well, but the color stayed very light and the sponge was rather big for my taste. So I took a paintbrush and right away you see that the color is darker and covers better. The paper curved a little because of the water that was used while painting, due to the DCP paper I used off course. Doing this was fun, but I found out I will need to get the hang of this.


Conclusion : All six 0f us are very enthusiastic about this paint. Dispite the fact you don’t think of using paint when coloring right away, this paint is very suited for using at colorung for adults. There are different methods for applying the paint and the quality of this paint is excellent. The cubes dry up very quickly which makes it easy to mix different methods , without being afraid of the cubes remaining very wet.

Brevillier Cretacolor Aqua briques are amongst others available at  Martin Brinkhuis.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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