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From Kleurboeken-winkel we received the book “Creative Haven- Snowflake Designs” for testing and writing a review on. We want to thank Kleurboeken-winkel very much.


Information on the internet: The unique patterns of snowflakes are limitless — and so are the coloring possibilities this beautiful book has to offer! Here are 30 expertly rendered illustrations of nature’s most dazzling creations, as individual flakes and in scattered storms. Simply add your creative spirit to this blizzard of designs and watch each snowflake flutter to life.

I was chosen to write a review on the book Snowflakes Designs. I had no idea what to expect. But on flipping the pages all designs, as the title already reveals, are snowflakes. And as with real snowflakes no design is alike.

There are all sorts of different patterns in this book ; big ones as well as small ones. Luckily there is an example at the beginning of the book, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue as of how to colour a snowflake. When colouring you can create very nice effects.

First I will show you some examples.

The first design I coloured with Spectrum Noir markers. These markers always push trough but that is no problem in this book, because the pages are printed one-sided. The markes colour nicely, especially because they don’t run when touching the paper.


The second design I coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils and softened it off with turpentine. The pencils didn’t give their pigment off on this paper very well. But in this case it wasn’t so much of a problem, because now the snowflake can be coloured a little “softer”. The dry stumping on the other hand went very smoothly.


The third design I painted with a very fine paintbrush using Brevillier’s CretaColor Aqua Brique. The painting itself went well on this paper. I do find the colours a bit “harsh” for a snowflake. But this was also fun doing.


Conclusion : The book is different but very nice. It contains a lot of different patterns of snowflakes, big ones as well as small ones. The paper absorbs the materials nicely. A big plus for me is that all pages are printed one-sided and can be taken from the book easily because of the perforated edges.

Data from the book:
Title: Snowflake Designs
Illustrator: A.G. Smith
Publisher: Dover Publications
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6 x 279 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780486791852
Price: € 8,95

This book is amongst others available at Kleurboeken-winkel.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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