Derwent Inktense Pencils

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Information on the internet: Derwent Inktense pencils are our best watercolour pencil ever! You can use them dry but mix them with water and WOW! the colour turns into vibrant ink.
Once it’s dry the colour is fixed and you can work over the top of it, and, because it permanent it’s great for using on fabric such as silk and cotton!

The Inktense is a beautiful pencil with, as it says in the name, a beautiful result that looks like ink. Personaly I like to colour with water-soluble pencils but when I coloured with the Inktens for the first time, there was a big difference in colour issue and striking strong shades.

I coloured the mandala below with the Inktense. You only need little of the pencil’s colour to get much colour-release at the first stroke.I used the waterbrush but a normal brush is fine too.

mandala 1

The advantage of these pencils is that when dried up they are really dry. Even with water they can’t be altered. The nice thing about that is, when dry, you can use other colours and further adapt it. You are then working in layers.

Because the colours are difficult to recognise on the pencils itself it’s easier to have a colour-card at hand. That card helps you to pick the right pencil. The tips of the pencils are darker than when used with water.


When used more often it goes automatically and you won’t need that card anymore.The white pencil that is included is very usefull for using on darker spots after drying, when you find that spot too dark.You create a beautiful lighter effect on your design.

In the bigger boxes you will also find another extra pencil. This one is called an “outliner”. With this outliner you can trace the edges of your design to keep the wet pigment from running while you colour.

The next mandala, made by my colleague, also shows the beautiful, bright colours.


The Inktense is available in 6-piece blisters or in 12-piece boxes. The largest package contains 72 pieces and are available in a tin can or in a beautiful Derwent box. On top of that the pencils are sold seperately which is convenient when one colour runs out sooner than another.


In short, a beautiful pencil with a surprising colour issue, very intense colours that appear when they come in contact with water. Easy to blend and economical. Try them yourself and the effect will be in(k)tense !

These pencils are also available at Kunstburg.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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