Colors of Whimsy

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From Bev Choy we received the book Colors of Whimsy for testing and writing a review on these tests. For this we thank Bev Choy very much.

Information on the internet: A coloring book for children and adults alike. Lovers of fantasy, whimsy and pretty things will enjoy the fine detail of the drawings and there are even a few pages to add your own doodles and designs! There are 32 pictures, all on one side of the page…. if you use markers, you might want to put a sheet of paper between for bleed through! A video flip-through and sample pages can be seen on my Authors page, down below.

Bev Choy designs for Global Doodle Gems amongst others, of which we have reviewed several books already. Bev Choy also has her own book filled with her personal designs. Choy’s destinct style can easily be recognised and appeals to me very much.

So when we received this book I was very curious and started flipping through it immediately. The paper feels very thin, so I was wondering what would happen during colouring.

First I want to show you some examples.

Of course I coloured in this book. I started with felt-tips. I chose Tombow ABT Dual brush pens for this one. They coloured very nicely. The brush pen slides over the paper easily and the ink doesn’t run on the paper. The ink presses through a lot but because the book is printed one-sided, this isn’t much of a problem. Just to make sure however I put an extra sheet between the pages.


Then I coloured with pensils as well. I chose Faber Castell Polychromos.These also coloured nicely on the paper. The colours get on fine, even with low pressure. The colours can also be mingled just fine.


Conclusion : The paper is rather thin but because of the one-sided print of the designs that isn’t much of a problem. The quality of the paper is excellent. The felt-tips as well as the coloured pencils colour very well on this paper.
The pencils colour just fine even when using low pressure, and you can mingle the colours very well.
The book is very diverse and if you love colouring people/persons, you should get yourself a copy of Bev Choy’s book.

Data of the book:
Title : Colors of Whimsy
Illustrator: Bev Choy
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Size: 279 mm x 216 mm x 5 mm
Pages: 68
ISBN: 9781514799284
Price: $11.69

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