Global Doodle Gems Volume 2

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From Global Doodle Gems we received Global Doodle Gems vol.2 and I (Mariska) am going to write a review on it.


Informatie on the internet: Global Doodle Gems adult coloring books is a collaboration of 100+ artists from around the world. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience! Each volume of our coloring books features 10 artists and their amazing drawings 60 coloring pages in total. Having a wide variety of artists allows us to accommodate all levels of color enthusiasts ! Wishing you a colortastic journey … with our second Volume of “Global Doodle Gems”!

First I will show you some examples to give you an idea what the book is like.

When I received this book I was charmed instantly by the beautiful cover. You get inspired right away. What struck me was the thinness of the paper, but as it is printed one-sided I don’t think this will be a problem. I’m going to put it to the test and write my findings at the end.

The first design I did comes from chapter 6 and is made by Christianne Gerstner. I chose this one because the beautiful flowers appeal to me. I coloured this design with Faber Castell polychromos. This went well, the colours got on the paper well. I used the layer technique which went fine. Using low pressure a lot of pigment got on the paper. Later I smoothened the layers by using a Koh i noor blender pencil. This also went great and the paper didn’t get damaged. That itself is a big plus because I tend to use the blender pencil a lot.

plaat potlood

The second design I coloured can be found in chapter 9 and is made by Fizzy Pink. I choose this design because I liked it with it’s cheerful appearance.
I coloured this design with Staedtler norris felt-tips, and Faber Castell coloured pencils. The felt-tips coloured nicely and didn’t stain. Their colour also came on well. I’m not really a felt-tip-person so that is why I tried this felt-tips/coloured pencils combination. This turned out just fine and I’m very happy with the result.What I did notice is that the felt-tips press through, but because of the one-sided print of the book you can use them without any problems. If you want to be on the safe side you can always put a white piece of paper in between the pages to make sure there will be no pressing through on the underlying design.

plaat stift


Conclusion : I liked writing a review on this book a lot. The book offers a great variety in terms of designs, due to the input of 10 designers. The paper is thin but you can use felt-tips without any problems, and the blending with the blending pencil worked out just fine. The paper doesn’t bulge. I’m very happy with this book, and I will definitely be colouring some more. I also think the book looks good and the division is very nice too. I hope you’ve gotten a good idea about this book after reading my review.

Data of the book:
Title : Global Doodle Gems Volume 2
Author: Global Doodle Gems
Size: 7x280x216 mm
Coloring pages: 60
ISBN: 9788799837519
Price: € 16,49

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This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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