Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection Volume 2

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From Global Doodle Gems we received Halloween Collection vol.2 and I (Claudia) am giong to write a review on it.unnamed1

Information on the internet:Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection coloring book offers you 50 designs to color from 25 artists. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience! Having a wide variety of artists will allows us to accommodate more levels of color enthusiasts! Wishing you a colortastic journey … with our second Volume Halloween Collection from “Global Doodle Gems”!  

Here are some examples :

The first thing I notice is that the paper looks very thin. But I have to alter my opinion after colouring, because the paper reacts nicely; not only on markers and crayons but on softpastel as well. So you see a first impression can be wrong sometimes. The pages are printed one-sided so the pressing through (that occurs) creates no problems. There are designs for everyone all in Halloween style.

I coloured my first drawing with Faber Castell Pitts Brush and Staedtler fineliner. For the background I used Van Eijck softpastel. As I said earlier it colours nicely and the softpastel stays on well. The markers press through a little but because of the one-sided print that is no problem.


I coloured my second drawing with Faber Castell polychromos, the Prismalo blender pencil and the Derwent burnisher. The blender allows you to mingle and smoothen the colours and the burnisher gives the colours a nice shine. Again the paper colours nicely and the blending works fantastic. The softpastel works out beautiful.


Conclusion : At first glance you get the impression that the paper is rather thin, but as it turns out it’s not. Markers press through though but that gives no problems due to the one-sided prints. Crayons work fine just like the softpastel.
All in all I’m very positive and if you like this kind of designs, they are to be recommended !

Data of the book :
Title : Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection Volume 2
Author: Global Doodle Gems
Size: 216 x 280 x 6 mm
Coloring pages: 50
ISBN: 9788799837557
Price: $11.69

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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