Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection Volume 1

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From Global Doodle Gems we received Halloween Collection volume 1 and I (Annemie) am going to write a review on it.

Information on the internet: Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection coloring book offers you 52 designs to color from 26 artists. We have come together to create a one of a kind coloring experience! Having a wide variety of artists will allows us to accommodate more levels of color enthusiasts! Wishing you a colortastic journey … with our very first Volume Halloween Collection from “Global Doodle Gems”!

When receiving the book the nice thick cover struck me immediately. Good quality and with beautiful colour. As I opened the book the paper seemed rather thin. The pages are printed one side only, which I always find a plus.

First I will show you some examples to give you a first impression of the book.

I coloured my first drawing with Koh I Noor Polycolor. Despite the paper being very thin, the colouring with these crayons went superb. The paper remains beautiful, doesn’t bulge and the colour adheres well.

Gekleurd 1

I coloured my second drawing with Faber Castell Pitt Brush and Stabilo 88.
At first the paper started bulging a little because of the Stabilo but as it dries the paper becomes smooth again. Both markers go slightly through but because of the one-sided print that is no problem.

Gekleurd 2

I coloured my third drawing with Faber Castell Polychromos and blended with Prismacolor Premier. Again no trouble whatsoever with the paper. Even when using dry stumping the paper doesn’t bulge.

Gekleurd 3

Conclusion : Despite the fact I’m not very fond of books with a theme, I think this is a very nice book with a lot of different drawings. There’s also a volume 2 on this theme available, with drawings from other designers. Have a look at both of them and see which one pleases you most. Maybe they both will.

Data of the book :
Title : Global Doodle Gems Halloween Collection Volume 1
Author: Global Doodle Gems
Size: 216 x 280 x 6 mm
Coloring pages: 52
ISBN: 9788799837540
Price: $11.69

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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