Global Doodle Gems Mini Collection Volume 1

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20150904_185929_wmFrom Global Doodle Gems we received the book “Global Doodle Gems” Mini Collection Volume 1 : “Pocket Gems for You to Bring Along !” for testing and to write a review on.

We have asked Joanna Ans to write a review for us, for which we thank her off course.20150904_172914_wmWhat a fortunate person I am to be doing this gastreview for the website “Volwassenen Kleuren Ook” , as a designer for Global Doodle Gems.

Mixed feelings,the first book from GDG in which I’m included in the list of artists. Excited feelings also ; what is the size like, the paper, how will the paper react and what is possible and what is not. I’m going to submit this book to an extreme test.

The book with it’s A5 size is perfect and handy for me. 16 illustrators have worked on it so you have a very varied offer. No less than 50 colouring pages to work on.

The paper feels good to begin with but still I feel a little insecure because it seems a little thin. But since it’s only printed on one side I took a little piece of cardboard an put it in between the pages to prevent the ink from going through. Let’s have a look at the inside now.


First page I’m going to color is made by Dom Domx. I’m going to use Stabilo 88 and Staedler Triplus Brilliance. And a little glitter for fun.   20150904_173034_wm                          20150904_175336_wm 20150904_181224_wm 20150904_182504_wm

These fineliners are pressing a bit through, but they colour wonderfully on this paper and that’s what is most important. It dries out nicely. I think the first test is a success.

Second page I’m going to colour is made by Creative Rosalien. I’m going to use Staedler Norris Club, Faber Castell Grip Colour, Bruynzeel Colorexpress Twinpoint and Stabilo 68 pens.20150904_192845_wm                              20150904_193634_wm20150904_194555_wm20150904_195633_wm                                                       20150904_200839_wm 20150904_200906_wm

I chose the same shades in colour of every brand of pens deliberately.I even used pens that I normally wouldn’t use because they scratch, make stains and don’t dry equal, but I’m very surprised.
All four brands go smoothly over the paper and dry very nicely. The Bruynzeel thick and thin point both colour excellent.
This page also has a colourfull backside but the different brands make no difference in terms of pressing on there.

Of course we want to find out how alcohol-markers (ShinHan Twin Touch, Tiger Touch and Letra Flexmarker) perform in this book. I tested these in combination with Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush and the Sakura Koi brushpens. I chose a flower drawing by Lynne McGee.
                         20150904_203341_wm 20150904_204500_wm 20150904_205030_wm
                                         20150904_205650_wm 20150904_211628_wm
20150904_211641_wmFirst time a bit of pressing on the cardboard, but that is to be expected from alcohol-markers. But I’m super satisfied, no blotting over the lines by any of the brands and again all materials go smoothly over the paper.
I’m kind of proud about my result, since I’m not really a flower-colourist and no experienced marker-user.20150904_211912_wmAnd then off course the final test, crayons. I have way too many of those to be able to test them all in one page. I choose Bruynzeel Expression Colour,
Caran d’Ache Fancolour (with waterbrush), Bruynzeel Design Pastelcrayons, Caran d’Ache Pablo, Faber Castell Polychromes, Talens van Gogh Waterpencils and finally an edge of Van Eijck Pastelchalk.
I chose a drawing from Dianne Comeau.
20150905_090738_wm 20150905_092455_wm 20150905_093606_wm
                           20150905_094755_wm 20150905_100345_wm 20150905_104609_wm
20150905_105206_wmWatercolouring, blending colours, dry stumping, blending with a white crayon, it all works perfectly on this paper !
I know there are much more materials that can be used, but by using nineteen different materials you could say the test is pretty complete !
In short I’m very enthusiastic.

Data of the book:
Titel :“Global Doodle Gems” Mini Collection Volume 1: “Pocket Gems for You to Bring Along !”
Author: Global Doodle Gems
Size: 6x230x152 mm
No.of pages: 106
ISBN: 9788799837526
Price: € 13,99

This book is amongst others available in our webshop. 

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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