Spectrum Noir Metallic pencils

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From Goedkoopstehobby we received a set of Spectrum Noir metallic pencils for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Goedkoopstehobby very much for this.

Information on the internet: Spectrum Noir’s new metallic pencils are richly pigmented and can be used to create bold, highly reflective designs. They are especially effective on darker coloured papers, where their effects can really shine!
Each pencil is filled with bright, reflective colour that will shimmer and add dimension to any sketch or colouring project. The colours are water-soluble and can be brushed over to produce beautiful luminescent washes.
Available as a set of 12 colours, nicely presented in a handy storage tin.

I was very curious about these pencils. The pencils are slimmer than the Spectrum Noir Colourblend, but feel good when holding the in your hand. The wood is black, which gives the pencils a distinct appearance. These metallic pencils have a very nice colour palette. The colours we see are : Gold, Silver, Nickel, Mica, Pink gold, Blue, Light blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Lilac and Pink. I tested the colours first and what I noticed was that they display very nicely.

Of course I started colouring with these pencils. I chose a design from “Het enige echte mandala kleurboek om te versturen” first. The pencils coloured very nice on this paper. I did have to sharpen my pencils every now and then, because when the point is sharp it crumbles a lot, for the pencils are rather greasy. This is a little minus, because when you want to colour smaller spaces, a sharp point is rather handy.

Besides that however, these pencils coloured very well on these mandala cards. The pigment attached well to the paper too, which makes adapting unnecessary. I’m pleased with the result.

Next I chose a design and printed it on normal printer paper. Because I wanted to test what these pencils would do on this paper. Again the pigment attaches well. Again adapting wasn’t necessary. I coloured this design with great pleasure.

Conclusion : I’m very positive about these Metallic pencils. I’ve coloured with metallic pencils before that didn’t issue a lot of colour, but these Spectrum Noir Metallic pencils do that very well. The colours are issued well and the pigment attaches well to the paper. When you’re looking for metallic pencils that issue enough colour, I most certainly can advise these pencils.

These pencils are available at Goedkoopstehobby a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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