Čarovné Lahodnosti

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From Klára Marková we received the book “Čarovné Lahodnosti” for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Klára Marková very much for this.

Information on the internet: A lovely Czech colouring book hides a lot of original handmade illustrations inside which are connected by a thin and glittering thread of a tender story.. The main pictures to be coloured in are just on one side so you can use colour pencils and blend them happily as well as felt tip pens, liners or paints. You don´t have to worry about soaking through on the other side.. There is the main picture on one side and on the other side a small space is left decorated with a little house and toadstool where you can write: With what, When and Who painted the picture.. it also provides enough space for writing a short story or something like a story diary..i.e. What came on your mind while painting and where it “took” you.. The book was made with huge love and a feeling for detail.. It is a lovely luxurious present for a tender and creative soul.. The book is bound with gold tooling on its front and back cover and spine. The paper is high quality in fine natural tone, creamy. 96 pages 49 pictures to colour in including a spread with opening doors. Opening doors to little houses 2x and opening vignette 1x. The book size 25 x 21cm All in Czech language.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful designs by Čarovné Lahodnosti before on the internet. So I was very curious about this book. As soon as the book arrived I started flipping the pages. First thing I found were three loose bookmarks, which can be coloured also, and Klára also wrote a nice message in the book, which makes it extra special.

Klára Marková’s style reminds me a lot of that of Maria Trolle. And I always liked those designs very much. I will show you some examples first to give you an idea of what kind of designs are in this book :

The first design I chose is of a “livingroom” because I thought it looked very nice. In terms of materials I chose the Kuretake zig clean color real brush pens. These felt-tips are a little wetter, so you always have to wait and see whether they colour well and nice on this paper or not. I have to say I’m very surprised by this paper. It colours very nicely, doesn’t stain and the colours are displayed very well on this paper. Even if you go over the same spot multiple times, the paper remains in good condition. I’m therefore very pleased with the result of this design.

After the felt-tip design I looked for a new design for testing colouring pencils on. My choice was easy and I went for the design with some sort of clock on it in which a tree was growing. I thought this looked very funny. I chose the Faber Castell Polychromos as my material. Colouring on this paper went very well, and what was also nice was that I didn’t have to use much pressure. Working in layers also went well and the paper remained in good condition. I chose not to adapt, because I thought the result was good enough as it was.

On the back of every design is room for putting your name, the date or the used materials for example. I think this is very handy for when you have a lot of materials you use.

Conclusion : The materials I used, the felt-tips as well as the pencils coloured very nice on this creamcoloured paper. The quality of the paper has been chosen with care. Even after colouring over the same space with the felt-tips the paper remains in good condition. I’m a fan ! If you like Klára Marková’s drawing style as much as I do I would recommend this book. Just because of the great paper quality alone.

Data of the book:
Title: Čarovné Lahodnosti
Illustrator: Klára Marková
Publisher: Klára Marková
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 25,4 x 21,6 X 1,5 cm
ISBN: 9788027000272
Price: $ 28,00

This book is available at Amazon a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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