Nuvo Brush script pens

Dit is de Engelse review, wil je de Nederlandse review lezen, klik dan hier.

From Goedkoopstehobby we received a set of Nuvo Brush script pens for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Goedkoopstehobby very much for this.

Information on the internet: The Nuvo Brush Script pens are perfect for adding detailed vibrand design elements to your papercrafting projects. These waterbased pens have a flexible brush tip, allowing you to create both thick and thin line in one stroke. Using water you can diffuse and seamlessly blend colours to add tones and subtle touches.

We reviewed the Nuvo Aqua flow from the Nuvo collection earlier. The biggest difference between these types is the tip of the felt-tips. The tip of the Nuvo Brush script is much thinner. You can colour tiny spaces with them, but you can colour larger spaces just as easy.

I chose my first design from the book “Het enige echte mandalakleurboek om samen in te kleuren”. I picked a rougher design, because you can use these pens for colouring bigger and smaller spaces. The colouring went very well. The colours are displayed nicely and the ink dries well. I also have no problem with any pressing through. I think this mandala came out very nice.

Next I picked a desing from “De enige echte mandala kleuragenda 2017”. This time I chose one with smaller spaces, because I wanted to see how the pens would work on small spaces. This went very well too. Because of the pointed tip, they colour very nicely. And when using little pressure you get the idea of working with a fineliner. I thought this was nice too. This allows you to colour smaller and larger spaces using only one pen. Again the ink dried nice. The paper in the mandala agenda is a little thinner than in the other book I tested, but here I also had no problem with any pressing through.

Conclusion : These felt-tips colour nicely on different kinds of paper. Because of the fine pointed tiip you can make thin lines as well as wider ones. This way colouring small spaces as well as larger spaces becomes easy. Of course there are other possibilities with these brushpens, like handlettering for example.

These Nuvo Brush Script pens are available in various sets at Goedkoopstehobby.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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