Tangle Wood Collector’s Art Edition

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From Search Press we received the book “Tangle Wood Collector’s Art Edition” for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Search Press very much for this.

Information on the internet: From the popular artist who created Tangle Wood, Tangle Bay and Tangle Magic, comes a special edition poster book with 20 enchanting, pull-out prints to color in. Colorers, both new and practiced, will lose themselves in a magical selection of the most popular illustrations from the original Tangle Wood book, now published in a fresh, large-scale format for a sumptuous coloring experience. Each detailed artwork is printed on high-quality card and can be removed easily for framing; or one can sign your hand-colored masterpiece to give to someone as a wonderful, personal gift.

This book is the luxury edition of Tangle Wood. The paper used in Tange Wood was already very nice, so I’m very curious about the quality in this luxury edition.
I started by flipping the pages first. The firm quality reminds me of postcard paper. This is looking very well. What also comes to notice is that all the designs are in width. I think this is handy. I will show you some examples from the book first.

On the back of the design there’s room for signing your work and adding a date. This allows you to always see when the design was coloured, and when there was more than one colourist in the house, it’s easier to see who worked on it. It’s also a nice idea to write your name on the back when you would give it as a gift, so it will remind the recipient whom he got the design from.

I first coloured a design with pencils. I chose the Caran d’ache Pablo pencils. These pencils coloured very nice on this paper. The pigment was released very well and it attached well to the paper. Because of the good quality of the paper adapting wasn’t necessary. The pigment of these pencils covered the paper well enough by itself. I think the design came out pretty well.

Next I took out the Staedler triplus fineliners and the Stabilo88, for colouring the next design. Because of the smaller boxes I chose the fineliners on purpose. These fineliners also coloured very well on this paper. The release of the colours was very good and the colours remained in place. Because of the thick paperquality the ink of both brands didn’t press through.

Conclusion : The quality of the paper is of an extra good quality. It almost feels like some sort of cardboard, on which you can colour very well. Pencils as well as felt-tips colour very well on this paper. The pens didn’t press through, which I wasn’t worried about anyway because of the thick paperquality. This book contains 20 designs that were also in Tangled Wood, but because of the amazing paperquality and the larger size it feels like you’re colouring a totally different design.

Data of the book:
Title: Tangle Wood Collector’s Art Edition
Illustrator: Jessica Palmer
Publisher: Search Press
Pages: 40
Size: 13 x 329 x 248 mm
ISBN: 9781782214878
Price: € 17,53 (Bol)/ € 14,12 (Bookdepository)

This book is available at Bol.com & Bookdepository.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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