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From Goedkoopstehobby we received a set of Nuvo Aqua flow Summer Holiday for testing and writing a review about. We want to thank Goedkoopstehobby very much for this.

Information on the internet: We have another amazing addition to our Nuvo Pen Collection this time we are bringing out the Nuvo Aqua Flow. This range consists of 4 colour packs (each coming with three pens), 1 glitter pack and one water brush pack (each coming with two pens each). Nuvo Aqua Flow pens are uniquely designed to create a watercolour effect without the hassle and mess. These highly pigmented water-based pens leave you with a bright, vibrant finish. The perfectly formed watercolour brush nib makes the pens extremely versatile and is perfect for adding small detail or colour washing large areas. Each pen has its own reservoir complete with a non-drip valve.

As Goedkoopstehobby informed us about these felt-tips I had never heard about them before. So I was very curious about these felt-tips. The pens are deliverd with a yellow ring between the front part and the reservoir. You have to remove this before use and screw them back together. Then you will notice that the pencil is still white. You will have to let the ink flow into the pencil. You do this by squeezing the reservoir lightly above a piece of paper, until the ink ran into the pencil.

In the beginning, when the ink is in the pencil, a lot of ink will flow out of it, but not so much that it stains.

I started colouring a mandala from the enige echte mandalakleurboek om te versturen. The colours dry nicely on this paper. It looks like it’s been done with watercolour. I’m positively surprised by the colours. Even the yellow colour is visible very well. The colours cover well and are bright.

Next I coloured a design from het enige echte luxe kleurboek. I chose a design with a pattern for 3 colours. I coloured it colour by colour. Here I had to pay attention to the order in which I coloured, because sometimes it took longer for the ink to dry, and I didn’t want to smudge the design. I’m therefore very pleased with the result.

I also wrote with these felt-tips. Them having a brush tip seemed ideal for hand lettering. So I wanted to test this as well. First I wrote the different words from Volwassenen Kleuren Ook using 1 colour per word. This went very well and these pens are very suited for this too.

Next I wanted to see whether the colours could be mixed as well. I put a colour on some plastic and picked it up with another colour. This went well. The brush cleans itself by colouring on a piece of paper to get the colour out. These colour combinations don’t give the nicest colours, but because there are different sets of Nuvo Aqua flows available, you can combine mutliple colours of course.

Conclusion : I’m pleasantly surprised by these felt-tips. The colours are nice and bright and they coloured nice. The ink came out well without messing. The paper from the different books absorbed the ink well, and despite the pens being based on water, I had no problems with the paper bulging or something similar. You can also use these pens for hand lettering and the colours can be mixed well. These pens are a nice asset to my collection.

This Nuvo Aqua Flow is availablein different sets at

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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