Spectrum Noir Illustrator

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From Goedkoopstehobby we received a set Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers for writing a review about. We want to thank Goedkoopstehobbyvery much for this.

Information on the internet: Illustrator shares the same colour chart as the original Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, whilst offering an entirely new and exclusive nib combination. Perfect for existing Spectrum Noir users who want to develop their skills, as well as appealing to new customers with the growing art and colouring category.

More information about the Spectrum Noir Illustrator:

  • Super-fine Nib – For precise, accurate detailing and fine line work
  • Ergonomic Barrel – For supreme comfort, enabling a variety of grips and stroke styles
  • Artist’s Grade Inks – For flawless laydown and blending
  • Flexible Brush Nib – For smooth fills and natural, artistic strokes

I was very curious about these markers Especially because they have different tips than normal Spectrum Noir markers. The Spectrum Noir Illustrator has a brushtip on one side and an extra fine tip on the other side, for colouring details more precise and accurately. This was very nice, because until now you often had problems colouring the smaller details, because the tips were too big.

We received a set with Basic Colours. Below you see the colours that are in this set. The colours of the caps differ a little from the ink colour, but that’s mostly the case.

I started colouring a mandala with small details. I could test the fine tips of the markers right away. By using the fine tips you can indeed work more precise and you don’t colour over the lines very likely. This is a very big plus indeed.
The ink from these markers dried nicely. The ink did press through to the backside, but this is common with alcohol markers. Because I used the fine tips for colouring I think the design came out very well and I’m rather pleased with the result.

Next I chose a design that had bigger and smaller spaces in it. On this one I used the fine tips as well as the brushtips. Both of them coloured very nicely and can be used alongside each other. There’s no difference in colour when you first use the fine tip and then the brush tip. You do have to switch rather fast to prevent stripes appearing because the ink has dried already. I think this design with triangles came out very nice.

Finally I combined the Spectrum Noir Illustrator with the Zig Clean Color real brush pens on a design I had already started colouring. There was a large clock in there that I rather wanted to do with markers, because then you will have less striping. So I took the blue Spectrum Noir Illustrator and coloured the clock’s background with it. This went very well and coloured nicely. The ink dried up well this time too. Because of the numerous curves and edges the fine tip of the Spectrum Noir Illustrator was very suited for this.

Conclusion : The Spectrum Noir Illustrator is a nice asset to the alcohol marker range. The fine tip on one side combined with the brush tip on the other side make them ideal for colouring all sorts of designs. The more detailed areas can be coloured with the fine tips, and for the larger spaces you can use the brush tips. You can vary if you like. The colours dry nicely. These coloures can be used together with the Spectrum Noir Markers, because the numbers of the colours match. I will be using these markers more often for sure.

These Spectrum Noir Illustrator are available in different sets at Goedkoopstehobby.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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