Amazing Animals

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From Relaxation4me we received the book Amazing animals for writing a review about. We want to thank Relaxation4me very much for this.

Information you can read on the internet about this book: The most famous creatures of the whole world, all featured in this book. Beside many more you will find a cute baby owl, a penguin family and a nut eating squirrel. We love animals!

The cover shows a young owl that I liked, so I was curious about the content of the book. So upon receiving it I immediately started flipping the pages of the book. What struck me almost immediately was that it looked like the book was filled with rough sketches. Lines running along and the boxes mainy filled with smaller circles or stripes. I think this is a pity. I will show you some examples first to give you an idea what I’m talking about.

In the back of the book there are 10 additional designs from other books. These are actually examples of what you can find in the other books. I think this is a nice asset. I will show 2 examples of this as well.

Because these last designs are from other books I thought not to use them for my review. I just looked at the ones with the animals from this book for colouring. At first I chose the mouse holding a piece of cheese in it’s hands. I coloured this one with the Tombow Irojiten and the Tombow recycled colored pencils. The colour issue of these pencils is good on this paper. The pigment attached well to the paper. And despite the initial feeling of “Pfff how am I going to colour this”, because of the small spaces in the mouse’s body, I think it came out pretty well. I did think the spaces were badly silhouetted. I often had the feeling I was colouring a rough sketch.

Next I chose the owl that’s on the cover. I used the Zig Clean color real brush pens for this one. The paper felt a little thin so I was curious as to how it would react to these felt-tips, since they’re a little wetter than normal pens. The pens coloured very well on this paper. The pens did press through, but because the pages are printed one-sided, that was no problem. You can put a sheet of paper between the pages however, just to prevent the ink from damaging the next design. I coloured this design using a few colours. Looking back I should have used less bright colours, then the result might have been better. But again I had to guess sometimes on how to colour the boxes, because the lines didn’t run along well or 2 lines ran next to each other. I think this is a pity.

Conclusion : This book is printed one-sided, which I always find a plus in a book. I find that the drawings of the animals aren’t done well enough. I had the feeling I was colouring a rough sketch, that is of course my personal view. In the back of the book are some examples of other books that you can colour. This gives you an idea of what else is available from Relaxation4me. The paper was nice to work on with pencils as well as felt-tips. The felt-tips did press through but in this book that’s not a problem.

Data from the book :
Title: Amazing Animals
Illustrator: Rodrigo Martin Campo
Publisher: Relaxation4me / Createspace
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6 x 254 x 203 mm
ISBN: 9781530327874
Price: € 9,58

This book is available at a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.


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