Vivi Söker en Vän Målarbok

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From Pagina Forlag we received the book “Vivi Söker en Vän Målarbok” for writing a review about. We want to thank Pagina Forlag very much for this.

Information you can read on the internet about this book: This coloring book is a story about the love to our nature, and the force it contains. Follow Vivi, a girl that lives in a wooden house deep in the forest, on her quests!

This is the second book by the hand of Maria Trolle and I was very curious about this one, because I liked her drawing style in the first book very much. So I started flipping the pages. What immediately comes to notice is that the paper is of a thick quality. Every page has a perforated edge, so you can pull the pages out later if you like. And what I always find a big plus is that the pages are printed one-sided.

There are some pages with a black background. I will show you some examples first so you will get an idea of what to expect.

I chose a design for colouring. I started colouring with pencils and chose the Faber Castell Polychromos. Because of the fine structure of the paper the pigment attaches very well. Working in layers also went very well. I didn’t have to use much pressure on the pencils to get the pigment to release. I always like this very much. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Next I coloured a design with felt-tips. I chose the Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens. These felt-tips are a little moister than others. These pens also coloured very nice on this paper. The ink dries rather fast and despite that they were a little moister, there was no pressing through to the backside. Not even after going over the same spot multiple times. That wouldn’t have been a problem though, because the pages are printed one-sided. The paper remained in good condition.

Beacuse this book is printed one-sided, I wanted to test the alcohol markers as well on this paper. I always find one-sided printed books a challenge for using alcohol markers. I took out my Winsor & Newton markers and started colouring. The paper is very suited for alcohol markers on. The ink stays in place nicely and it didn’t bleed at all. I put a sheet of paper between the pages just to be sure, but no pressing through so far. But it just feels safer this way. The design has a black background which makes the colours stand out even more. I’m very pleased with this one.

Conclusion : The quality of this book is very good. Pencil, felt-tip, even more moist ones and alcohol markers all colour without problem on this paper. The pages can be pulled out because of the perforated edges, which allows you to frame them later or give them as a gift. You can tell that there has been put a lot of care in making this book.

Data from the book:
Title: Vivi Söker En Vän Målarbok
Illustrator: Maria Trolle
Publisher: Pagina Forlag
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9789163612695
Price: € 10,36

This book is available at Penstore a.o.

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