Farbenfrohe Weihnachtspäckchen

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From Bastei Lübbe we received the book “Farbenfrohe Weihnachtspäckchen” for writing a review about. We want to thank Bastei Lübbe very much for this.

Information you can read on the internet: Each page of this brilliant book is actually a box! Simply tear along the dotted lines, fold along the scored lines and you’ve created a gift box perfect for storing all kinds of Christmas treats.

This book contains 24 pictures that you can fold into a box after you finished colouring them. This is a very original idea. They say you don’t need any glue, but I wonder if it will remain fit together nicely. I will test that too of course and will get back to that later.
The paper is white and of a thick quality, with a slight structure.

In the back of the book there’s a sheet with stickers that you can use to close the box. This was a well thought idea.

I will show you some examples of the motives on the boxes first.

Of course I started colouring. I started with pencils and chose the Faber Castell Polychromos. I noticed that I had to use a little more pressure here in order to get the colours covering the paper. When I use less pressure, white spots from the paper keep showing, which I don’t like very much. I like the result though.

Next I coloured a design using felt-tips. I chose the Staedler triplus fineliners and the Zig Clean color real brush pens. These pens coloured very nice on this paper. Because of the thick paperquality they didn’t press through, eventhough the Zig pens are a little moister than other pens, the paper remained in good condition. Even after colouring in multiple layers. This went very well and I’m very happy with the result.

Next I folded a box. This isn’t as simple as it looks. It doesn’t stay together that well. I think you cannot fill the box and fold it shut real good, because you have to hold the box firmly in order for it to remain together. I would put some drops of glue on the edges to keep the box stuck together better, which allows you to fill it properly.
This should have been given a little more thought in my opinion. Because when you open the box now it totally falls apart.

Conclusion: The idea is an original one The paper is white and thick. This is necessary in order to get firm boxes. Colouring with pencils was a bit hard. You have to use a lot of pressure to get the colours covering the paper completely. Felt-tips coloured without any problems.

Data from the book:
Title: Farbenfrohe Weihnachtspäckchen
Illustrator: Sarah Walsh
Publisher: Bastei Lübbe
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 12 x 284 x 269 mm
ISBN: 9783414824714
Price: € 11,99

This book is available at Bol.com a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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