Bright Ideas deluxe colored pencils

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From Abrams and Chronicle we received this luxurious colouring box with pencils for writing a review about. We want to thank them very much for this.

Information you can read on the internet about this pencils: This set of stylishly designed coloured pencils, featuring primary, neon, and metallic shades, is sure to unleash the imagination of any coloring book fan. With rich, smooth, and brilliant color—perfect for shading and blending—these pencils will add pizzazz to any creative project. The 36 pencils are pre-sharpened and packaged in a sleek and sturdy case, easy to carry with you to any place where inspiration may strike!  

I got to review these pencils before. Then it was a box with 10 pencils. That box contained the most common colours, but this box is from a different order. This box contains 36 pencils, which immediately gives you a lot more options. This box contains:

  • 16 normal colours
  • 10 neon colours
  • 10 metallic colours

The nice thing about this, especially when you’re a starting colourist, is that you can test how neon and metallic colours work on paper. Everything stored in a compact box. Below a picture showing how the colours are delivered.

Of course I tested these pencils in two different books. I chose the first design for colouring with the normal and metallic colours.The metallic doesn’t show well on the picture, but I liked the result a lot.
The core of these pencils is very soft so they release the pigment very well on the paper. By using more or less pressure you get nice gradient, even when using just one colour. I use a moist cloth on the tip of the metallic pencils so they come to their own even better. Especially the gold and silver have a better effect that way. These pencils are also very suited for creating layers.

Because this box contains 10 neon colours, I had to test these as well of course. I tested them on my second design. I really liked colouring this mandala in neon shades.
The pigment releases well but you have to use a little more pressure on these pencils. I know from experience that most neon shades have this issue. The colours often are bright but they’re lighter than normal colours. All in all I think this mandala came out nice and the bright colours radiate well. It’s nice to have more options than the standard neon green, pink and blue. I say successful.

My findings on these pencils are very good. A nice firm box containing 36 beautiful colours. Because there are 3 sorts of pencils, this box is very appealing to a lot of colourists. The somewhat softer core of these pencils makes colouring very nice. Whether you’re just colouring, using layers or want to blend, it’s all possible.
I think it’s a very solid pencil with good colours and a firm tip, despite the softer core. Therefore a very nice asset.

These pencils are available at a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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