Mandala Sketchbook

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From Matt Manson we received the Mandala Sketchbook for testing. We want to thank Matt Manson very much for this.


Information you can find on the internet: The Mandala Sketchbooks are the perfect tool for drawing mandalas without having to use a protractor and ruler.

They include an introduction to mandalas along side an illustrated clear guide on how to create your own designs.

– Gold foiled block cover
– 380 gsm hardcover
– 200gsm white paper
– 48 pages of polar graphs
– 20 x 20 cm

The sketchbooks can be used by everyone, from beginners to experts allowing the illustrator the freedom to develop their work and style.

I like drawing in itself, but I have to take my time for it though. I never ventured myself to mandala’s before. That has always been one step too far. But upon receiving this sketchbook, that is made especially for mandala’s, I became curious as to whether I would be a match for it now.

The paper in this book feels thick and every page contains a polar graph pattern. This pattern is very suited for mandala’s, as it turns out during trying it. You don’t need a pair of compasses anymore now. The circles are printed and all you have to do is trace them neatly. Ideal. The printed lines are rather thin, so they’re hardly visible on the picture.

Front of the book there’s an explanation as to how you can get to work with this book. A roadmap on how to draw a mandala and how to get a nice result.

On the basis of this example I got to work. I started with a circle in the middle and made a flowershape, like in the example. Next I used my own fantasy. I drew the mandala using a Koh-I-Noor 4B pencil first. After that was to my satisfaction I traced it with Edding fineliner 0,5. I let the ink of the fineliner dry overnight and then erased the pencil lines, to prevent the ink from wiping out.


After the first design I got the hang of it and I designed another mandala. On this one I completey used my imagination. I drew this mandala using a pencil first too, and traced it with a fineliner afterwards. Because the paper is very thick you don’t have to worry about any pressing through to the backside of the page. The book has a binder which allows you to open it up completely, turn it around and reah every spot. Very ideal.


Conclusion : This Mandala Sketchbook is an ideal book if you want to draw mandala’s or want to start with it. I think this book isn’t just for beginners, but advanced illustrators will benefit from it just as much. The book contains thick paper whereby pressing through is no problem. If you prefer a mandala on white paper you could trace it by using tracing paper. This gives you the advantage of the pattern from this book, but the final result will be on white paper.
I will be using this sketchbook more often for sure.

Data from the book:
Title: Mandala Sketchbook
Illustrator: Matt Manson
Publisher: Tangent Books
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
ISBN: 9781910089521
Price: $ 9,99

This book is available at Amazon & Matt Manson.

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