Ms Moon Down to Earth

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From Ms Moon we received this book for writing a review about. We want to thank them very much for this.

Information you can find on the internet about this book: An adult coloring book recommended for ages 14+. “Ms Moon Down to Earth” is a coloring book created for advanced colorers featuring line art from artist Allison Carpenter, creator of Ms Moon. “Down to Earth” contains beautiful illustrations of spiritual mandalas, animals, patterns, foliage, and feminine scenes. All coloring pages are single pages with a .5″ border for easy framing. 25 Coloring pages plus 1 bonus page featuring a sneak peak from the upcoming coloring book “Cosmic Wonders”.

This is the first colouring book that was illustrated by Allison Carpenter. At first glance it’s a nice book, with single-printed pages on white paper. The subject of most designs is women. There are also designs with animals and mandala’s in it. Enough to chose from. What I also think is a plus is that the designs are framed. You never have to colour till the fold seam of the book because of this. It’s also very handy when you want to frame a design after colouring it. I will show you some examples below of what can be expected in the book.

I started by testing a design using colouring pencils. I chose the Caran d’Ache Luminance. On some parts I used the Prismacolor blender in order to get a nice, even colour. The paper remains very beautiful, and I personally always like white paper very much. The pigment attaches very well and the use of the blender was no problem either. After I finished colouring, I coloured the background lightly with pastel. I used a Faber Castell pastel pencil for this, and rubbed it with a paper stumper. The pastel remains in place and can be adapted well too.


I coloured my second design using Tombow ABT dual brush pens. These waterbased felt-tips colour very well on this paper. Despite the ink being a little moister, the paper remains even. The ink hardly flows. I only had to watch out on the edges, which I went over twice. The parts I blended with multiple colours remained wet a little longer. If you let it dry properly, there’s no problem. I coloured the face and the arm with an alcohol marker. This leaves less stripes and has a pretty even result. I could use a marker in this book without a problem, because there’s no design on the back of the page. Always put something between the pages to prevent any pressing through.


In the back of the book you will find an example of what designs you can expect in the second colouring book “Cosmic Wonders”. On top of that a nice design as a thank you.


I can only say that this is a very nice, varied book. With the extra advantage of the one-sided printed pages and the white paper. The book can be flattened well for colouring and all the designs are framed, so you don’t have to colour till the fold seam. The quality of the paper is very suited for using pencils on as well as felt-tips. This book is also ideal for our colourists using markers.

Data from the book:
Title: MS Moon Down to Earth
Illustrator: Allison Carpenter
Publisher: Ms Moon
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 216 x 279 x 3mm
ISBN: 9780692657690
Price: $ 9,99

This book is available at Amazon a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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