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From Victoria Slater we received this copy from Untangle for writing a review about. For which we thank them very much of course.

Information you can find on the internet about this book: This book will take you off into a world of peace and tranquillity. There are forty incredibly detailed designs for you to colour. Take a break and spend some time allocated just for you and untangle your mind as you enjoy the process of bringing these designs to life. The designs have been positioned in the book so that you are able to colour the whole design and cut them out to display individually. One page per design so that if any ink does bleed through, it won’t effect any other designs.

The title of the book is “Untangle, Incredibly Detailed Colouring Book for Stress Relief”, so I’m very curious about what I will find on the inside. What first comes to notice is that Victoria provides you with an extended explanation in the beginning of the book. Nicely told and accompanied by nice little drawings. Of course in English but easy to understand. I tested this little mandala using Twinmarkers. Presses through of course, but doesn’t run. That’s a good start.

The book’s appearance is nice and the paper feels good. Before I go on I will show you some examples.

The nice thing about this book, besides the fact that the pages are printed one-sided, are the nice cadres. You have no issues reaching the middle of the book. What I found appealing was the adapted background. Usually the design is in the middle and you can either leave the background blank, or make up something for yourself. Here it isn’t necessary, because the background is already adapted.You can make a nice whole of the design.

I coloured my first design using a combination of Tombow Dual ABT brush pens and Faber Castell pastel pencils. The ink of the pen attached well to the paper and dried up nicely. These pens didn’t press through on this one-sided printed paper and the paper remained good. The pastel pencil did leave some white spots here and there, and I had to use some pressure in order to make it stick. This could be the pencil or a combination of both. Despite this little minus, I really like the result and I coloured with fun.


I coloured the second design using Prismacolor premier pencils. On some parts I worked in layers in order to blend the colours. You must be careful not to go over the pre-printed edges too often when using the blender. Sometimes the ink will smudge a little. In other spaces I didn’t blend, but only applied a thin layer, which allows you to see the paper’s relief a little. I coloured the background too this time using pastel, but only the common Staedler pastel. I applied this and rubbed it with a paper stumper. In this manner the pastel attached better and I could handle it better. The paper is suited for using lots of materials on and it stays good.


Concluding I must say this is a very nice book. Almost A4 size and beautiful designs for colouring. Because of the one-sided printing you can use almost all materials in this book. Nice frames around the designs so you don’t have to colour the edges in the middle. Pencils as well as pens work well on this paper. Just be carefull with the blending of the ink, that’s all. It is advisable to put a piece of paper between the pages when you’re using pens or markers, just to make sure. Nicely detailed designs and backgrounds. Hours of relaxing fun. Is this book already in your possession or are you thinking of buying it, you can show your coloured work on Victoria Slater’s Facebook page. As far as I’m concerned this book is highly recommended.

Data from the book:
Title: Untangle
Subtitle: Incredibly Detailed Colouring Book for Stress Relief
Illustrator: Victoria Slater
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 6 x 279 x 216 mm
ISBN: 9781535338547
Price: € 17,99

This book is available at Bol.com a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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