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From Pagina Förlags we received the book “Sagolikt” for writing a review about. We want to thank Pagina Förlags very much for this.


Information you can find on the internet about this book: This cute coloring book is all about the fairy tales! See how the dolls come to life, and the stuffed animals wander out to have a party in the woods.

When we received this book I was very curious, because I didn’t know this book and there wasn’t much online about it either. The cover looks merry. There are two animals in a glass bell and a garland in which the title of the book is written. The book has golden accents, which always make it look more classy. The cover feels firm and the paper has a smooth structure. The book can be opened well, so colouring the edges is no problem. I will show you some examples from the book first.

Of course I started colouring in this book too. I started using pencils and chose the Faber Castel Polychromos. These pencils glided over the paper. I reaaly enjoyed this. The pigment is absorbed well by the paper and even with low pressure enough pigment is released. Adapting wasn’t really necessary, but just for testing I tried adapting small parts, using odourless turpentine and a stumper. This went without problems. The paper remianed in excellent condition as well. I also adapted a piece using a blender pencil, and this went well too. Even when using more pressure on the pencil, the paper remains in good condition. Therefore I’m very pleased with the result.


Next I coloured a design using felt-tips. I chose the Zig Clean color real brush pens. These pens are a little moister than other pens that I use, and as I noticed in previous books, this doesn’t work well on some kinds of paper. So I was very curious as to how this paper would react to these pens. There weren’t any problems. The ink dried well and remained in place. The ink dries very quickly too, so I didn’t make any smudges when I accidentally rubbed over a spot. This I think is a real plus. The colours are displayed nicely and the ink doesn’t press through to the backside.


Conclusion : The quality of the paper is very good. Pencils as well as pens colour very nice on this paper. Even the moister Zig Clean color real brush pens colour very well on this paper. The book can be opened well, so colouring the edges is no problem. It’s obvious that much care has gone into this book.

Data from the book:
Title: Sagolikt
Illustrator: Emelie Ledehäll Öberg
Publisher: Pagina Förlags
Pages:  96
ISBN: 9789163612152
Price: € 11,40

This book can be ordered at the Swedish Penstore a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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