Summer nights

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From Gibbs Smith Publisher we received the book Summer nights for writing a review about. We want to thank Gibbs Smith Publisher very much for this.


Information you can find on the internet about this book: This new volume of the bestselling Hanna Karlzon’s artwork has 85 illustrations of starry nights, fanciful gardens, underwater creatures, fantastic portraits, and more. Linger over long Scandinavian evenings, and watch the stars appear in the latest whimsical world of Hanna Karlzon’s creating, Summer Nights.

New and old adherents to the coloring phenomenon will fall in love Summer Nights Coloring Book. This 96-page hardbound edition lends a luxurious feel, encouraging artists to display on the coffee table or bookshelf. Complete your Hanna Karlzon collection with the hardbound Daydreams Coloring Book, the Daydreams Artist’s Edition with 20 oversized art card illustrations, and Daydreams and Winter Dreams postcards to color and share with friends.

Hanna Karlzon is an Umeå, Sweden-based illustrator and creator of the best-selling coloring books, Dagdrömmar and Sommarnatt, previously published in Sweden. She creates elaborately detailed images using India ink to detail pictures from her own imagination and loves to draw flowers, forests, houses, and animals. She draws her inspiration from the natural world that surrounds her studio in northern Sweden and adds in some art nouveau, punk rock, and often a hint of ‘70s design to the mix.

The book looks luxurious. It has a hard cover, which makes it look more classy in my eyes. The book can be opened well. It makes colouring the edges more easy. The paper feels firm, has a yellowish colour and a fine structure. My feeling is that this will be fun colouring in this book. But if that will be the case will become clear when I start the colouring. The book contains a lot of beautiful designs. I will show you some examples first.

I started colouring using pencils. I chose the Faber Castel polychromos. It’s a real joy colouring on this paper. The pencils slide over the paper and the pigment attaches very well. The pigment also covered the paper well so I didn’t think adapting was necessary.


Next I chose a design for colouring with pens. I chose the Faber Castell pitt brush pens. These pens colour very nice on this paper. The ink dries nicely and stays in place. It doesn’t run whatsoever. As I suspected in the beginning the quality of the paper is very good. The ink doesn’t press through, not even when going over the same spot multiple times. I’m very pleased with this design.


Conclusion : I can say but one thing. Much care has gone into this book. The quality of the paper is good, it’s nicely bound which enables you to open it very well. And pens as well as pencils colour very nice. Hanna Karlzon’s designs are detailed and nicely done.

Data from the book:
Title: Summer Nights
Illustrator: Hanna Karlzon
Publisher: Gibbs Smith Publisher
Publisher: 96
Product dimensions: 18 x 254 x 208 mm
ISBN: 9781423645580
Price: € 13,78

This book is available at a.o.

This review is translated by Nathalie Janssen. Thanks for that.

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